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30 Things about Barcelona vs Real Madrid Match

13 December 2008: If you want to get live score and updates of the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, then visit the following link:

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If you are interested to get the online live score and updates of Barcelona vs Real Madrid match then you should follow the link given below:

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I am a big fan of football. However, when it comes to Barcelona vs Real Madrid match, I just simply go for it. Yes, I know there are many people who have the same feeling regarding a Barcelona vs Real Madrid football match. Barcelona and Real Madrid are two major football clubs in Spain in terms of their success in domestic league and European league. So, naturally they have rivalry between them. What is more, regionally Barcelona and Real Madrid represents two rival regions, Catalonia and Castile respectively. So, the two clubs have a traditional rivalry between them. In Spanish media, the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is known an ‘el clasico’ meaning classic.

Now, with another el clasico match approaching, the football fans across the world are now exited and waiting to experience another mind blowing match between the two arch rivals. So, I think, you will be happy to know about some essential information regarding this match. That is why, I am going to provide you with 30 information of Barcelona vs Real Madrid match below:

  1. Barcelona vs Real Madrid match will take place on 23 December 2007.
  2. The match will be held at the Camp Nou stadium of Barcelona.
  3. Camp Nou is the largest stadium in terms of seating arrangement of 98,772.
  4. Barcelona vs Real Madrid match will be telecast live in Star Sports and Sky Sports television channels.
  5. This is going to be the 17th La Liga match for both Barcelona and Real Madrid this season.
  6. Barcelona vs Real Madrid match will start on 18:00 GMT.
  7. This is the last La Liga match of this year for the two clubs.
  8. Real Madrid now leads the league point table with 38 points to their credit. On the other hand, Barcelona is in the second place of league standing with 34 points.
  9. Barcelona has won all of their 11 home matches this season so far.
  10. Real Madrid has won just four out of twelve away matches this season and those four wins were in La Liga matches.
  11. Barcelona’s inform forward, Lionel Messi will not be available for Barcelona’s el calsico clash with Real Madrid. Messi has been ruled out for maximum five weeks after falling to thigh injury during the match against Valencia.
  12. After suffering from back injury, Barcelona’s new recruit Thierry Henry has got the doctors’ permission to come back with the upcoming Real Madrid match.
  13. Barcelona now stands second to Real Madrid in the league point table.
  14. Real Madrid’s midfielder Guti is doubtful for the el clasico match as he has suffered a strain ligament in his ankle.
  15. Barcelona forward Ronaldinho may not get into the starting line up against Real Madrid due to his being out of form.
  16. Barcelona vs Real Madrid upcoming match is going to be no. 151 La Liga el clasico match.
  17. In head to head meetings, Real Madrid won 66 matches whereas Barcelona won 58 matches and the other 30 matches ended up with draw.
  18. Real Madrid forward Javier Saviola also played for Barcelona earlier.
  19. Raul and Ruud van Nistelrooy are the highest scorers for Real Madrid jointly with 8 goals each so far in La Liga this season.
  20. Raul is the captain of Real Madrid and Carles Puyol is the captain of Barcelona.
  21. Barcelona forward Samuel Eto'o has got back his form recently which is obviously good news for Barcelona.
  22. Barcelona midfielder Edmílson has recently joined the practice after suffering from a long time injury.
  23. This is the first el clasico match of this season.
  24. The last match between Barcelona and Real Madrid was held in March this year at Nou Camp. The exciting match finally ended up with a 3-3 draw.
  25. Bernd Schuster is the present manager of Real Madrid and Frank Rijkaard is the manager of Barcelona.
  26. Interestingly, Bernd Schuster played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid in his career. However, Frank Rijkaard played neither of these two clubs in his playing career.
  27. Ramón Calderón is the chairman of Real Madrid whereas Joan Laporta is in the chair of Barcelona club.
  28. Real Madrid has 30 La Liga titles to their credit whereas Barcelona has 18 La Liga titles so far in the history of Spanish La Liga.
  29. Real Madrid is the defending champion of La Liga 2007-2008 season.
  30. Rumor has it that off form Ronaldinho and manager Frank Rijkaard will be out of Barcelona after this season ahead of the upcoming transfer window.
  31. Barcelona and Real Madrid have won their last La Liga matches without conceding any goal. Real Madrid won over Osasuna 2-0 whereas Barcelona projected a 3-0 victory against Valencia.

Dear readers, Barcelona vs Real Madrid match is always something special to the football fans. This is one of the most anticipated matches of the football world and that is why, the match always gets much attention in the media. Now, let us see if Barcelona and Real Madrid players can live up to the expectation of the fans around the world.

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