Friday, July 31, 2009

John Terry is going to Stay in Chelsea: No More Speculation Needed

John Terry is the captain of Chelsea football team and he is one of their key footballers. His presence is always felt by everyone and that is perhaps why Manchester City is eager to buy him. They have given some attractive offer to John Terry. If he had accepted this offer then his salary would reach to 200,000 pounds a week. It is a huge salary in any country. So, there was a lot of speculation that John Terry might change his club. However, he has stated publicly and very clearly that he is not going to leave Chelsea. So, there should be no more speculation in the media and blogs.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ana Ivanovic in French Open 2009

Ana Ivanovic won the championship of French Open 2008. It was her most memorable win in her career but after that it seemed that she lost her way and she suffered from injuries and lost of form. Ana Ivanovic is now twenty-one years old and the problem is that she gives a lot of importance to her appearance than her tennis. I hope that she should learn her lesion now and focus on her playing in stead of her beauty and glamour. At this comment, Ana Ivanovic is suffering from fitness problem and it is not yet 100% clear that whether she can play in French Open 2009 or not. This time, French Open is taking place amidst economic worries everywhere.

So, if she misses this tournament then it will be a bad disaster because then she will loss her ranking in the top ten. That is why, Ana Ivanovic is now fighting her and she is thinking that she will do well in French Open. However, it is very difficult because she is not in good level of fitness at this moment.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Recession Hurting the Sports Industry Too badly

The economic recession is now offending all of us including the sports industry. What has happened is that people are suffering every country and it is the thing that is now becoming a bad thing for all the people. So, there is hardly anything to do but to wait for things to become better. People like Tiger Woods lost sponsorship. Big clubs like Manchester United are now suffering to get big sponsorship deals. No one knows that how long the recession is going to continue and this is the worst part. The uncertainty is bad for all the sports. All we can do is to pray that things become better soon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

IPL 2009 in South Africa: Only Few Days to Go

There are just two weeks left before the opening of IPL 2009. Although it is Indian premier league but this time it is staged in South Africa because in this moment, there is going to be general election in India. So, the organizers of a Indian premier league 2009 are not extremely busy with the last minute preparations and they’re hoping that it will be a successful event.

But on the other hand, for South African organizers, this is a very important event because with the success of this event they can become confident and so the rest of the world that they are properly prepared for World cup football 2010.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Matthew Hayden: Retirement has made him available for Chennai Super Kings of IPL

The retirement of Australia’s left-arm opening batsman, Matthew Hayden, has become a good thing for his franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He now will be available for the second edition of his IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings. I think club members and team mates will be pleased to get such an in form and veteran player among them. This aggressive but dependable batsman will help his team to increase the power and get the prestigious title.

Matthew Hayden could not play all the matches of the inaugural edition of IPL due to home series. He could attend for only four of Chennai’s 14 matches where he scored 189 runs at an average of 63 and strike-rate of 144.27. You may know that he was purchased for US $ 375,000 in auction. Chennai Super Kings lead by Mahendra Singh Dhoni became the runners up team in the first edition of IPL. I hope this time they will be the champion team.

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