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Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Live Score and Live Update

13 December 2008: If you want to get live score and updates of the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, then visit the following link:

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Live Score and Updates: La Liga 08-09

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Barcelona (0) vs Real Madrid (1)

93 Minutes: Real Madrid has won the match by 1-0

92 Minutes: Barcelona has a free kick

90 Minutes has finished now 4 minutes of added time

88 Minutes: bad luck for Barcelona again. Corner for Barcelona.

87 Minutes: Free kick for Barcelona

86 Minutes: Time is running out for Barcelona. Free kick for Barcelona now

84 Minutes: corner for Barcelona but the shot was just wide. Barcelona missed a good opportunity.

82 Minutes: Another substation for Barcelona but no Henry

80 Minutes. Baptista again threatened for Real Madrid.

78 Minutes: Good attack from Barcelona but Real Madrid goalkeeper is again cool

75 Minutes: bad miss from Real Madrid. They got 4-3 situation but could not score any goal.

73 Minutes: Bad shot from Ronaldinho. Barcelona missing Messi today badly

71 Minutes: Barcelona coach now looks worried. Only 20 minutes left.

68 Minutes: Barcelona player shown yellow card (Millito). Real Madrid has a free kick now.

66 Minutes: Barcelona number 5 player is slightly injured.

63 Minutes: Free Kick for Real Madrid

61 Minutes: Nice run from Real Madrid. Shot of van Nistelrooy just wide.

59 Minutes: Header from corner for Barcelona but a bit too high.

57 Minutes: Deco leaves for Barcelona and Geivani came to the field.

56 Minutes: Another attack from Real Madrid. Shot of Ramos collected by Barcelona goalkeeper

55 Minutes: Two attacks in 30 seconds from Real Madrid. Barcelona is very lucky not to suffer second goal.

53 Minutes: Another attack from Barcelona but lack of finish. I think that Thierry Henry should be brought in the match.

51 Minutes: Eto fired a shot from outside of penalty box and it was just wide. back luck for Barcelona

48 Minutes: Nice move from Robinho but Henze could not do anything

45 Minutes: Free kick for Real Madrid but saved by Barcelona defense. Yellow card shown to Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos. Barcelona got a free kick

44 Minutes: Barcelona has put too much pressure and has got a corner. Casius is again the hero for Real Madrid

42 Minutes: Ronaldinho missed again. Barcelona fans were shouting for Penalty but poor playing by Ronaldinho.

39 Minutes: Barcelona is trying to level the score but real Madrid defense is holding on

36 Minutes: Baptista scored the first goal for Real Madrid. Real Madrid is now leading 1-0.

34 Minutes: Ronaldinho missed another chance. His shot was blocked by Real Madrid goalkeeper Casius.

32 Minutes: Another attack from Barcelona but Real Madrid goalkeeper collected the ball easily.

30 Minutes: Some scary moments for Real Madrid. Excellent save from Real Madrid goalkeeper. Barcelona almost scored a goal. 2 excellent attacks from Barcelona in the last 1 minute.

28 Minutes: Free kick taken well but Real Madrid players could not convert

27 Minutes: Real Madrid has a free kick. Puyol of Barcelona booked

25 Minutes: Ronaldinho threatened for Barcelona but Real Madrid defense was up to the mark.

22 Minutes: excellent attack from Barcelona but straight at the hand of Real Madrid goalkeeper

19 Minutes: Real Madrid is now playing better. They attacked 2 times in last 3 minutes.

17 Minutes: Good move by Barcelona but lack of quality finish.

15 Minutes: Throw in for Real Madrid. Barcelona is playing with 3 strikers but they are not attacking that much.

13 Minutes: Good attack fro Barcelona. Two successive attacks by Barcelona and corner for Barcelona.

11 Minutes: Freekick for Real Madrid. Taken by Robinho and good head by Pepe but saved by Barcelona goalkeeper

10 Minutes: Goal kick for Real Madrid

7 Minutes: What a miss from van Nistelrooy. He found the goal keeper alone but his shot was just wide.

6 Minutes: No real attack so far. Throw in for Real Madrid.

4 Minutes: Free kick for Real Madrid. Barcelona fans are unhappy

2 Minutes: The match is mainly played in the midfield now. NO real attack from any of the club so far.

0 Minutes: The match has started. Barcelona trying to make the first attack

The match will start soon. It is a full house crowd in the stadium. So, dont go anywhere.

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It is the match of the week and perhaps the last big football match of 2007. We will provide live score and live updates of Barcelona vs Real Madrid match. The match will start at 18.00 GMT. So, come back that time. In the meantime, read some more entries of this blog. We have tried our best to cover Barcelona vs Real Madrid match.

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