Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blackburn Rovers vs Chelsea EPL 2007-08: Live Updates

(Blackburn Rovers-0/Chelsea-1)

Second-half has just finished now. Chelsea won the match by 1-0. Most of the time Blackburn Rovers was in attack and they got more chance to make score but bad luck they couldn't.
90 Minutes: 6 minutes injury times has been added.
89 Minutes: Only one minute is left to finish the match.
87 Minutes: Free-kick against Blackburn.
86 Minutes: Throwing against Chelsea.
83 Minutes: Throwing against Chelsea.
81 Minutes: Chelsea coach replace Pizarro with J. Cole.
77 Minutes: Chelsea player Carvalho got yellow card.
76 Minutes: Chelsea player Lamperd shoot the ball outside the D box but Blackburn goal-keeper save it.
73 Minutes: Blackburn chance players. Robert has come in the field in the place of Tugay.
71 Minutes: Bad luck for Santa Cruz. He got many chance but couldn't use anyone.
70 Minutes: More 20 minutes are left to finish the match.
68 Minutes: Corner-kick against Chelsea. Santa Cruz head but missed chance.
66 Minutes: Corner-kick against Chelsea. And Blackburn has missed an easiest chance to make score.
64 Minutes: Chelsae goal-keeper is in injury. Now, Hilario has come in his place.
62 Minutes: Throwing against Chelsea.
58 Minutes: Chelsea is in attack.
55 Minutes: Corner-kick against Chelsea.
53 Minutes: Blackburn is trying hard to make score.
49 Minutes: Chelsea goal keeper is now in injury.
48 Minutes: Throwing against Chelsea.
Match has just started now.
Just now first-half finished. Now, second-half will start after 10 minutes.
45 Minutes: Throwing against Chelsea. One minute added as a injury time.
43 Minutes: Corner-kick against Blackburn.
40 Minutes: Blackburn is trying hard to come back in the first half.
36:10 Minutes: Blackburn player David make foul and got yellow card
35 Minutes: Lamperd made a long kick but it hit the bar. Now, corner-kick against Blackburn.
32 Minutes: Santa Cruz kick the ball but unfortunately it hit the bar. This is really bad luck.
31:18 Minutes: Free-kick against Chelsea.
28 Minutes: Both teams are playing well.
25:30 Minutes: Corner-kick against Chelsea.
22 Minutes: Good news is that Chelsea make a score. J. Cole made this score.
20 Minutes: Oh my God! Chelsea striker
Shevchenko missed an easy chance to make score.
19:21 Minutes: Corner-kick against Blackbrun.
15 Minutes: Throwing against Blackburn Rovers.
12:45 Minutes: Blackburn Rovers player Santa Cruz missed another easy chance to make score for his team.
9:58 Minutes: Chelsea defender Alex make foul and got yellow card. Free-kick against Chelsea but bad luck, it hit the bar.
8:33 Minutes: Chelsea was in attack but failed to make score.
5:30 Minutes: Corner against Chelsea.
3 Minutes:
Santa Cruz missed an easy chance to make score.
1 Minute: Blackburn's first attack was not fruitful.
Dear fans only a few minutes are left to start the Blackburn Rovers vs Chelsea EPL match.

Today on of the most exciting Blackburn Rovers vs Chelsea EPL 2007-08 match will take place at Blackburn, England. Both teams are strong opponents. So, it should be a hard competition between these two teams. However, the match will start 16:10 GMT. ESPN will telecast this match live.

Soccer is so famous game in Europe. But ESPN channel is not shown in many countries. So, if you want to know match result then visit this stay with me and visit this blog. Here you will get live updates after every 3 minutes.

Blackburn: Friedel, Emerton, Nelsen, Warnock, Tugay, Mokoena, Reid, Bentley, Dunn, Pedersen, Santa Cruz, McCarthy, Roberts, Brown, Savage, Berner, Derbyshire, Khizanishvili.

Chelsea: Cech, Cudicini, Hilario, Belletti, Ferreira, Carvalho, Alex, Ben-Haim, A Cole, J Cole, Lampard, Essien, Sidwell, Kalou, Shevchenko, Mikel, Sinclair, Wright-Phillips, Pizarro.

So, come back when the match will start.

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