Friday, December 21, 2007

Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Thierry Henry Get the Clearance from Doctors

Earlier, I wrote an entry on Thierry Henry’s possibility to come back in the team with the important match against Real Madrid. Now, it seems much clearer that Thierry Henry is going to be back though Barcelona’s showdown against Real Madrid on Sunday. This French striker has been out of field since November due to his repetitive back injury.

Recently, official website of Barcelona has said in a statement that the therapy given to him has been successful as Henry has received the desired result. He has received the green light from the doctors and could make it to the match against Real Madrid. So, manager can feel happy with the news as Lionel Messi has already been ruled out for few weeks after his falling to a thigh injury this week while playing against Valencia. Now, let us see if Thierry Henry comes up with an excellent performance in the match against Real Madrid.

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