Thursday, December 20, 2007

Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Thierry Henry Wants to Come Back with the Real Madrid Clash

If you are a fan of Thierry Henry then you must know that this French striker is going through a tough time in Barcelona since his joining the club earlier this season. His off form pairing with repetitive back injury, has made it difficult for this former Arsenal striker. In fact, he has been out of game since November 24. However, report has it that he has joined the club’s training season on Wednesday and now confident to come back through the upcoming clash with Real Madrid.

However, it is not sure yet if he will be able to prove him fit enough before the match. Even, he was not impressive at all in the matches he took part for Barcelona so far this season. You know that Thierry Henry has already become a legend in Arsenal with immense success in the club. So, there is no question about his class and talent. However, it has happened to many star players in the past that changing club did not go well with their career and they had to struggle throughout their remaining career. However, it will be unfair to make any comment on the future of Thierry Henry at this stage. Rather, he is still considered to be one of the best strikers of the world at this moment.

Thierry Henry wants to come back through the Sunday’s El Clasico with Real Madrid. However, there is little chance to see him playing against Real Madrid this Sunday. However, Barcelona fans must be happy with the news that their star footballers has joined training session and are getting prepared to rock the field for Barcelona. The Catalan side will also miss Lionel Messi who has fallen in a left thigh injury on Saturday while playing against Valencia. Now, let us see if Thierry Henry is given a chance to come back in the match against Real Madrid.

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