Sunday, December 23, 2007

India vs Australia 1st test: Will India be the first winner team against Australia in their home ground?

The attention of all cricket fans is now towards the India vs Australia 1st Test that will take place on Boxing Day. The first five-day Test match will start from 26 December, 2007. It will take place at Melbourne Cricket Ground just at 10:30 local time and 23:30 GMT. India vs Australia 1st Test has already caught the attention of all cricket fans for many reasons. India played many Test matches against Australia team but first time they are hoping to get series win in Aussies soil. Last Test match between India vs Australia was played in 2003-04 session where the match was drawn by 1-1.

Indian batting great Sachin Tendulkar thinks that they have best chance of beating Australia on home ground for the first time in the four-Test series. Australia is a strong team in their own side. They are the world number one team in Test cricket. And they have no experience of losing any series since 1992-93. So, no doubt, it should be hard for India team to make their dream true. India has won just four Test in eight Australian tours. And in their last tour in 2003-04 they pushed Steve Waugh’s Australian all the way in the drawn 1-1. Beating Australia is not easy as the way they have played for long time and their strong mentality. Australia plays with the target of win. Even they don’t think about match drawn whoever the opposite team. Australia got win in 14 Test matches if they can get two more matches win then they will touch their own record of 16 matches win. And if they can get win three matches then they will make a new record of Test cricket.

It is the fourth and likely the last Australia tour for Sachin Tendulkar. So, he is hoping to do well in this series. He has played 12 matches where he scored 4 centuries in Australia. Not only this but also he is more experienced player who has enough experience to play against Australia in bouncy pitch. He has come back from knee-injury who has more runs at an average of 54.16 in 12 Tests in Australia. So, he can easily protest Australian bowlers. Another batsman V.V.S Laxman has good record against Australia. Most of his record has come against this mighty team. Sourav Ganguly has got back his prime form. He performed well against Pakistan in home ground. And Anil Kumble is the leading wicket taker will support India team with the bowling side.

It is a dream for any team to get win against Australia. According to Sachin Tendulkar, “For the past 18 years I have been living my dream and every day is a special one and when we walk out on December 26 it will be a terrific occasion.”

Now, dear fans wait for the day when India take on Australia in their first Test match at MCG venue. Then you can see India can make their dream true or not.

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