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Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Who Will Win?

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Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Live Score and Live Update

Football fans around the world are now excited with the same match, the much discussed Barcelona vs Real Madrid match of this Sunday. Yes, it is very natural that the whole football world is now divided in to two groups ahead of this el clasico match. When Barcelona and Real Madrid face each other, the match is known as ‘El Clasico’ that means classic in English. So, you can understand that the match is always tagged with a classic match and fans always want something special from this match.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are based on two major cities of Spain- Barcelona and Madridrivalry between them from political and sociological point of view. As Barcelona and Real Madrid clubs represent these two rival regions, Barcelona vs Real Madrid match is considered as a war, more precisely ‘a football war’. So, it shows that the rivalry between these two clubs is traditional. respectively. Both the cities have

Moreover, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two most successful clubs in Spanish league. Their success in European club competitions is also impressive. So, I think, you can now easily imagine the current situation ahead of Sunday’s match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Last season, Real Madrid won the La Liga title. So, it is like a mission for Barcelona to bring back the league title in the Catalan side.

Real Madrid now leads in the league table with 38 points whereas Barcelona is still behind them with four points’ deficit. So, the upcoming el clasico clash is a big chance for Barcelona to narrow down the difference. In addition, the match will be held at the Camp Nou stadium of Barcelona. So, Barcelona will wish to have the home advantage counted in the match against Real Madrid. However, Real Madrid is playing excellently well this season. So, Real Madrid will also play for three points in this match though their Camp Nou record is not so impressive. Real Madrid could win only once against Barcelona at the Camp Nou in the last 20 years. So, both teams have something to gain in this weekend’s clash and that will inspire the players to show their best.

Who Will Win

It is perhaps the hardest question available in the football world at this moment. You know that football is a game of uncertainty. Upsets are everywhere in the football world. You take the emerging Nigerian team of 1994 FIFA World Cup as an example. However, Barcelona and Real Madrid both are strong enough to win over each other in the first el clasico match of this season. What is more, the result of this match will also reflect in the league standing.

It is true that Barcelona is now under pressure as they are four points behind the league leader Real Madrid. Even if Real Madrid loses the match, they will remain atop the league table. So, from this point of view you can think that Real Madrid have a psychological edge over their arch rival Barcelona.

Moreover, Barcelona could not show much consistence this season so far in Spanish La Liga. They have lost four matches so far in La Liga this season. On the other hand, Real Madrid has lost only two matches this season in La Liga. Their players have performed regularly. Actually, Barcelona’s key players like Ronaldinho are now in off form. Some injury problems also contributed their inconsistent performance this season. Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto’o were also out of form. Henry faced a back injury during the season.

Now, ahead of the upcoming match, Barcelona has got another bad news as their inform forward Lionel Messi has been ruled out of the match after falling to a thigh injury while playing against Valencia. Messi has been the most successful player of Barcelona so far in this season with eight La Liga goals to his credit. So, Barcelona will definitely miss this inform player in their weekend showdown against Real Madrid. The good news for Real Madrid is that Samuel Eto’o has got his form back and their new recruit Thierry Henry has got the clearance from the doctors to be available for this match. However, Ronaldinho is not yet confirmed to make it to the first line up of Barcelona against Real Madrid.

On the other hand, Real Madrid does not have any major injury threat though yesterday they got the injury news of midfielder Guti. However, he has not yet been ruled out of the final line up of this match. Real Madrid fans can cheer on as they have some good news ahead of the Barcelona match. Two inform forwards- Raul and Ruud van Nistelrooy are in their prime form. Midfielder Julio Baptista has also got his form back and expected to be in the starting team of Bernard Schuster.

Now, it seems that Real Madrid has an edge over Barcelona ahead of the upcoming el clasico clash of these two arch rivals. However, statistics and strength do not come in the way when it comes to a Barcelona vs Real Madrid match. Fans just forget everything and want to see their teams winning the match. Barcelona is not in great form and they have some injury problems at this moment but it does not indicate that the Catalans are going to leave the ground for Real Madrid. I earlier mentioned that Real Madrid has little success at the Camp Nou and BarcelonaBarcelona in the weekend match and even a draw will be a satisfactory performance for Real Madrid.
is always much stronger in their home ground. So, I think, Real Madrid must face a strong challenge form

Now, who do you think is going to win this match?

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