Saturday, December 22, 2007

Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur: Live Score and Live Updates

For getting live score of the ongoing Carling Cup Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur visit this entry:

Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur Carling Cup: Live Score and Live Updates

Final Score: Arsenal has won the match by 2-1

Arsenal (2)- Tottenham (1)

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93 Minutes: Arsenal has won the match by 2-1.

92 MInutes: Just 60 seconds left. Can Arsenal hold on?

90 Minutes: 90 MInutes finisshed. 3 added minutes to be played.

87 MInutes: Arsenal had a freekick but to the goalkeeper of Tottenham.

84 MInutes: Tottenham is creating a lot of pressure now. Can Arsenal hold on?

80 MInutes: Free kick for Tottenham. Some scary moments for Arsenal defense.

78 MInutes: Freekick for Arsenal.

75 MInutes: Bendter scores thanks to superb header from conrner.

74 MInutes: Change for Arsenal. Bendter comes for Eboue.

73 Minutes: Corner for Arsenal.

71 MInutes: Tottenham got a penalty and missed.

70 Minutes: Tainio of Tottenham shown yellow card.

69 Minutes: Good attack from Tottenham.

67 MInutes: Berbatov shown yellow card.

66 MInutes: Tottenham levels the score. Berbatov is the hero. He scored from a great goal.

65 Minutes: WHat a bad luck for Tottenham. Keane shot hit the Arenal post.

63 MInutes: Another attack from Arsenal but Rosicky could not do anything.

60: Substition. Huddlestone comes in place of Boatend.

59 MInutes; Boateng of Tottenham Hotspur shown yellow card for a bad tackele.

57 MInues: Frist attack from Tottenham in 6 minutes but it did not have any sharpness.

55 MInutes: Corner for Arsenal. Arsenal is totally dominating.

54: 2 attacks in 2 minutes from Arsenal.

52 Minutes: Arsenal players are now inspired with this goal.

48 Minutes: Adebayor has scored the first goal for Arsenal. Can you belive it? Even 1 minute ago, Arsenal looked tired and out of form. A great pass from Fabregas and Adebayor scored a ground shot.

47 Minutes: Second half has started. The match is limited to midfield now.

First half finished. COme back for the seond half within a few minutes. In the meantime, enjoy other articles in this blog.

44 MInutes: Corner for Tottenham Hotspur.

42 MInutes: Arsenal has a corner. Excellent head from Toure but Tottenham goalkeeper saved it.

40 MInutes: Another thrown in for Tottenham in Arsenal half.

37 Minutes: Arsenal captain Gallas shown yellow card for a fowl. Tottenham has a freekick outside of Arsenal penlaty box.

36 Minutes: Arsenal needs some changes. NOthing important to write about now except that Tottenham got a throwin.

33 MInutes: Good shot from Toure and even a better from Tottenham goalkeeper. Arsenal got a corner but poorly taken

31 Minute: Tottenham got a good chance but O'Hara took a terrible shot.

29 MInutes: Throw in for Tottenham.

27 Minutes: Lovely one two football from Adebayor and fabregas but the finish was awfu.

25 Minutes: Adebayor entered Tottenham area but he had no support. Arsenal needs a change in the striking.

21 Minutes: 2 attacks from Tottenham Hotspur in 2 minutes but defended quite well by Arsenal defenders.

19 Minutes: Anotehr attack from Arsenal but defended well by Tottenham Hotspur.

14 Minutes: Another attack from Arsenal but lack of quality finish. Arsenal is dominating the match quite well.

11 Minutes: Excellent attack from Arsenal but lack oif good finish.

8 MInutes: First real threat from Tottenham Hotspur but Arsenal defense cleared the ball.

6 MInutes: Arsenal has more ball possesion and has a corner now.

2 MInute: Good attack fro Arsenal and Flemini's shot was just wide.

1 Minutes: FIrst attack from Arsenal.

The players entered the stadium. So, the match will start any moment now. Dont go anywhere.

The match will start within a few minutes. So, come back soon to enjoy live updates of Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur.

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