Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur Carling Cup: Live Score and Live Updates

For getting live score of the match Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal Carling Cup follow this link:

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal Carling Cup: Live Score and Live Updates

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Arsenal (1)-- Tottenham (1)

The match has finised and final score is: Arsenal 1-- Tottenham 1

91 MInutes: Corner for Arsena.

87 MInutes: Denilson's shot was too high now.

85 Minutes: Daneil Defoe found Arsenal golakeeper alone but could not score. His shot was too high in the end.

82 Minutes: Good attack but poor finishing from Zilbarto

79 MInutes: Arsenal has equalized. Walcott scored out of no where. Arsenal is really lucky.

77 MInutes: Tottenham missed another easy opportunity.

75 MInutes: Freekick for Arsenal and what a waste.

70 MInutes: Anotehr impressive attack for Tottenham.

67 MInutes: Freekick for Tottenham

66 Minutes: Throwin for Arsenal. Not too much to write about. The match is mainly limited to Midfield.

62 MInutes: Good attack from Arsenal but nothing happened in the end.

60 MInutes: No team is domanting at the monent.

56 MInutes: Throwin for Tottenham

53 Minutes: Keene missed an easy chance . He found the Arsenal goalkeeper alone but not score.

50 Minutes: Arsenal trying to score a goal.

47 Minutes: Attack from Arsenl.

First half finsihed. Tottenham is leading by 1-0

45 MInutes: Two minutes to be added.

40 Minutes: Freekick for Tottenham.

37 Minutes: Tottenham scored first goal of the match through Jenas. Superb run from Berbatov and he passed the ball to Jenas. At the end, it was an easy but superb goal.

35 MInutes: Terrific shot from Tottenham striker and better save from Arsenal goalkeeper.

34 MInutes: Good attack and counter attack from teh two clubs. Van Persie's presence has become a positive one for Arsenal.

32 Missed: Tottenham missed teh easiest chance of the match. It may prove really costly for them today.

30 MInutes: Corner for Arsenal.

26 MInutes: Freekick for Arsenal. Good kick from Van Persie but it did not bother Tottenham goalkeeper.

23 MInutes: Freekick for Tottenham from just outside of Arsenal box but the freekick of O'Hara was wide.

20 Minutes: Good attack fro Tottenham but blocked by Arsenal's Senderos.

18 Minutes: ANother corner for Arsenal but very poorly taken.

16 MInutes: Another attack from Arsenal and corner.

14 MInutes: Great attack from Arsenal. Lovely head from Bendtner but Tottenham goalkeeper saved it.

12 Minutes: Lovely run from Walcott but Tottenham had 4 defenders to block him.

10 MInutes: Freekick to Arsenal. Tottenham players are afraid of Van Parsi.

7 Minutes: Van Parsie threatened for Arsenal but not good.

4 Minutes: Good move from Tottenham but bad finsihing. Arsenal defense looked shaky

1 MInute: First attack from Tottenham.

The match will start now.

The match will start wihtin 2-3 minutes.

The match will start in 15 minutes.

The match between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur will start at 1945 GMT. So, check your time and come back to this blog at that time so that you can enjoy live updates of the match.

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