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Sunderland vs Manchester United EPL 2007-08: Detailed Preview and Live Updates

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Portsmouth vs Arsenal: Live Score and Live Updates

Sunderland will face Manchester United in a crucial English Premier League match on 26 December 2007. The match will be held at the Stadium of Light, the home ground of Sunderland. Now, you might be thinking that the match is not so important comparing the strength of the two sides. Yes, it is true that Manchester Untied is way ahead of Sunderland in terms of both strength and recent performance. However, it would be wrong if you consider it as less important match.

Manchester United is obviously in a great form both English premier league and their key players are also in good form. However, they still a point behind the league leader Arsenal. So, the defending champion Manchester Untied can not afford any slip off in this crucial stage of the league. On the other hand, Sunderland is now in the danger area of relegation and they have to bounce back if then really want to survive in English premier league next season. So, both the teams are in their way to a mission. Manchester United is looking for defending the title whereas Sunderland’s goal is to ensure another season in English premier league.

Manchester Untied has been playing very well for the last few matches. Red Devils have recently outperformed Everton in EPL and now looking forward to the next match against Sunderland. As they are now in an exciting race with Arsenal in order to save their reigning title this season. Arsenal now leads the point table with 43 points. Manchester stands second with 43 whereas Sunderland is now in the 18th position with only 14 points from 18 games. Manchester United has won their last four matches in English premier league since their shocking defeat to Bolton Wanderers on 24 November.

The Magic of Cristiano Ronaldo Going on
Yes readers, this Portuguese midfielder is now perhaps in his prime form ever. It would be less to term his recent performance only tremendous. To be honest, Cristiano Ronaldo has guided Manchester United to reach at this level in English premier league after a bad start of the Red Devils earlier this season. Ronaldo now leads the scoring list of EPL with scoring 11 times. Cristiano Ronaldo has continued his excellent form in the last EPL match against Everton as well with scoring twice. So, Manchester Untied fans are eager to see Cristiano Ronaldo firing once again this season in the match against Sunderland.

Moreover, Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez have been playing very well this season and that also made the task easy for Ronaldo. With Tevez scoring seven times in English premier league this season, it is to say that the Argentine international is playing his job silently for Manchester United.

Sunderland Facing Relegation
As I earlier mentioned, Sunderland is now struggling to survive in English premier league as their ordinary performance is going on consistently this season. No doubt, they need to bounce back if they really want to take part in English premier league next season. In their last EPL match they have lost to Reading 2-1. With this defeat they have lost three of their last five EPL matches including the humiliating defeat to Everton 1-7 on 24 November.

Many will think that it is apparently impossible for Sunderland to show resistance against the inform Manchester United. Yes, the recent performance of both teams indicates it clearly. However, I think, Sunderland can be determined themselves to resist the mighty Manchester United and this can be the start of their surviving mission in this season in English premier league.

Sunderland vs Manchester United: Online Live Score and Updates
It is natural that many of you will not be able to stick to your television channels because of your personal and professional works. So, you will miss the live actions of this match. So, here I am giving some links of websites from where you can get the online live score and updates of Sunderland vs Manchester United:

Live Score




Live Football Scores

Anyway, it seems that Manchester United is favorite in this match. However, uncertainty is everywhere when it comes to football. That is why, it is better not to predict anything beforehand. Rather, I think, the two clubs will come up with an interesting match on the Boxing Day.

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