Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sunderland vs Manchester United EPL 2007: Live Score and Live Updates

(Sunderland-0/Manchester United-4)
Second- half has just finished and ManU won the match by 4-0
90 Minutes: 2 minute extra time has added as a injury time.
87 Minutes: It is time to cheer the ManU player.
85 Minutes: ManU player Saha make another score with penalty kick.
84 Minutes: ManU is quite near to win.
81 Minutes: Only 9 minutes are left to finish the match.
78 Minutes: Free-kick against ManU.
75 Minutes: both teams are attacking but these are now fruit full.
73 Minutes: Wane Rooney is the only strike player.
70 Minutes: Only 20 minutes are left to finish the match.
69 Minutes: another attack against ManU but failed.
66 Minutes: ManU is trying hard to increase their score.
63 Minutes: Now, times is enough to come back for Sunderland.
60 Minutes: Sunderland also changed player. Now, Recardo has come.
56 Minutes: Ronaldo replaced with Park. Park is in the field
54 Minutes: Rooney shot a strong kick from D box but it failed to make any score.
51 Minutes: Sunderland is playing attacking movement.
48 Minutes: Sunderland attacking more and more.
Dear fans, second-half has just started.
45 Minutes: Ronaldo has given the opportunity for free-kick. Oh my god! Ronaldo make another score with free-kick and with the goal first-half has just finish.
45 Minutes: Sunderland player make foul so, free-kick against Sunderland.
42:46 Minutes: Corner-kick against Sunderland. But they can't use the chance.
41 Minutes: Sunderland is trying hard to decrease the score.
38 Minutes: Sunder is in attack.
34 Minutes: Corner-kick against Sunderland.
33:41 Minutes: Rooney missed an easy chance to increase the score.
31 Minutes: Long shot against ManU but it was to big.
28 Minutes: ManU player Darren Flatcher got yellow card.
26 Minutes: ManU player Wane Rooney and Ronaldo are playing well.
23:30 Minutes: Free-kick against ManU.
20 Minutes: Wane Rooney make score for ManU.
16 Minutes: Sunderland missed another chance to make score.
14 Minutes: ManU against missed a chance to make score.
12 Minutes: Sunderland missed an easy chance to make score.
9:30 Minutes: Sunderland played make foul to Man U player Ronaldo. Now, free-kick against Sunderland.
8:30 Minutes: Throwing against ManU.
6 Minutes: ManU got chance but failed.
atch has just started and three minutes has already played. Both teams are goalless.
Match will just start now. So, come on and enjoy the match.

vs Manchester United EPL 2007 match will kick-off today at 15:00 GMT. It will take place at Stadium of Light, England. It is expected to see a fight among more star players between two teams. This match will be telecast on ESPN, one of the famous sports channel. If you are unable to see the match live on TV then stay with me and get the information of Sunderland vs Manchester United match after each 3 minutes.

Sunderland: Gordon, Ward, McShane, Halford, Harte, Higginbotham, Collins, Yorke, Etuhu, Leadbitter, Wallace, Whitehead, Kavanagh, O'Donovan, Jones, Chopra, Connolly, Murphy, Stokes, Cole.

Man Utd: Kuszczak, Heaton, Brown, O'Shea, Simpson, Ferdinand, Vidic, Pique, Evans, Evra, Fletcher, Ronaldo, Nani, Eagles, Carrick, Hargreaves, Anderson, Giggs, Park, Tevez, Rooney, Saha.

So, come back when match will start.

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