Monday, December 24, 2007

Result of Barcelona vs Real Madrid Match

13 December 2008: If you want to get live score and updates of the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, then visit the following link:

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Live Score and Updates: La Liga 08-09

Real Madrid has won the first el clasico match of this season against their arch rival Barcelona. Julio Baptista led Real Madrid to outperform Barcelona with 36 minute goal. With this win, Real Madrid is now seven points ahead of Barcelona in the league championship race.

The victory is special to Real Madrid for reasons besides winning three points. This is the only second win of Real Madrid against Barcelona at the Camp Nou in the last 20 years. Moreover, Barcelona did not lose any of their 11 matches at their home ground this season before this match.

The match was eventful. There were lots of attacks and counter attacks from both sides. However, to be honest, Barcelona and Real Madrid both teams have missed some ‘more than easy’ chances today. Specially, Real Madrid got some chances that their strikers failed to execute.

Ronaldinho played from the very beginning despite the rumor that he might have been excluded from the starting line up. Thierry Henry was also brought in the second half but could not help Barcelona scoring the equalizer in the match. Ronaldinho missed some easy chances for Barcelona.

Anyway, the defeat does not show the end of Barcelona’s mission to regain their La Liga title. The difference is now seven points from Real Madrid and Barcelona still has the whole second round ahead of them. So, I think, Barcelona should not put their head down so early in this season. Rather, I would like to see Barcelona making a strong come back after the Christmas.

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