Monday, December 24, 2007

Manucho Goncalves: The New Star of Manchester United?

It is definitely a story of ‘dream come true’ for the young striker of Angola, Manucho Goncalves. He is 24 year old and is full of spirit. Manucho has recently signed a three year contract with English club Manchester United. He has made one of the most surprising transfers of the upcoming summer window. Upon his contract on 21 December, he has applied for England work permit.

Manucho Goncalves has made it to the Angola’s national team this year and played 10 matches for Angola scoring twice. Manucho started playing football under the coaching of father Alberto Goncalves. He started playing football at a youth football club named Flamenguinhos based on Terra Nova in Luanda. He grew up as a talented lift winger at this club and in his first two seasons, he scored 16 goals for this club.

Manucho started his professional career for Sport Luanda e Benfica before moving to his present club Petro Atletico, a He proved his worth as a striker in Petro Atletico becoming the highest goal scorer of Girabola league in his first two seasons with scoring 16 goals in 2006 and 15 in this season. Girabola is the top league of Angola organized by the Angola Football Federation. So, Manucho Goncalves scored 31 goals in his first two seasons in Girabola league.

The rest is like a story. Manchester United’s assistant coach Carlos Louiza Queiroz invited Manucho Goncalves for a 3-week trial in Manchester United. He came, saw and won a place in the mind of Manchester United bosses during his trial period of 3 weeks. He is very delighted getting a warm welcome from the manager and players following his contract.

"'You are my son', that's what the manager said to me when I signed my contract. 'You are my son' in Portuguese. It shows the friendliness of the man."

"This is a dream come true. Although, I never imagined when playing in Angola that I would one day join Manchester United. It is a club from another world.

"The welcome I have had from United and the players has been spectacular."- Manucho Goncalves said.

Manucho Goncalves is 6 feet and 2 inches tall. He is also up to the mark in terms of physical strength. He will play as a winger for Manchester Untied and his height will definitely make his task easy for him. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has also been impressed getting a striker like him.

"We have had Manucho here for a 3-week trial and have been impressed enough to offer him a 3-year contract.

"He is a tall, agile, quick forward and through contacts that Carlos [Queiroz, Ferguson's assistant manager] has, was brought to our attention around six months ago."- was the reply of Alex Ferguson on the signing of this striker.

Now, it is clear that Manucho Goncalves is going to start his English premier league career with lots of hypes and expectations from both fans and football analysts. Now, the only question comes here is that if Manucho will be able to assimilate with the new environment in Manchester United? You have to wait to know if Manucho Goncalves can hold his poise and perform regularly for Manchester Untied.

What do you think about it?

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