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India vs Australia 1st Test: Who will make the record?

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Australia vs India 1st Test: First Day Condition

India vs Australia 1st Test will take on 26th December, 2007 at Melbourne Cricket Ground on Boxing Day. This five-day Test match will begin from 10:30 local time and 23:30 GMT. Fans of both teams are looking towards the 1st Test. Australia will has already got win in 14 Test matches and now they need 3 more matches win to break the previous record that was made under the captaincy of Steve Waugh. Less than 48 minutes are left to start the match. Ahead of the 1st Test against tourist India team, Australia will be warm favorite to extend their win run to 15 in the four-match Test series.

Making new record is the main target of Australia team. They need 3 more wins but getting win is not easy for host team as the opponent is India. The world number one team has enviable record at the MCG. Last year they defeated England by an innings and 99 runs on the way to regain the Ashes.

Getting win against India will be difficult task for Australia as India has formidable and experienced batting four Sachin, Sourav, Dravid and V.V.S. Laxman who scored 32,610 runs from a total of 442 Tests and with 87 centuries between them. These batting four are in good form. Sourav Ganguly is the top scorer in this month’s series against Pakistan. He scored 534 runs in three matches. So, he will appear as the main target point to Australian bowlers.

Perhaps Australian think-tank can play four pace bowlers in this match. Problem is that where McGrath and Shane Warne couldn’t tame Indian batsmen there what these four bowlers will do.

If Australia can get 2 win then it will equal their previous record. That is why, Australian captain and players are giving more importance of their 1st Test match.

India restrained Australia from their record 16 winning streak in test cricket in Australia’s 2000-2001 tour to India.

So, it seems that India again can do the same work in Aussies soil. Indian batting great Sachin Tendulkar and some other senior players are hoping to get series win and make a record as since 1992 no one tourist team got win in Australia.

No doubt, first day many people will come to see the match live on stadium. A crowd of about 75,000 is expected to cram into the MCG for the opening day.

Now, it is much talked topic that who will make record India or Australia. If India can get win then obviously it will be a new record. On the other hand, if India get win in 3 test matches then the previous record will broke down.

I know you are excited to know the future. Future is unknown so, you have to wait until the match will start at MCG ground.

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