Monday, December 24, 2007

Nicklas Bendter is not leaving Arsenal

Nicklas Bendter is not going to leave Arsenal. The 19 year old Aresenal reserve decided to stay in the club and fight for his regular position in the team. At present he is behind Emmanuel Adebayor.

“I’ll do whatever I can and won’t rest until I get into the team,”

“That is all I have on my mind and all I think about. I’m staying here no matter what happens. My feelings this year are with the club and I want to play for Arsene [Wenger]. Moving now or going on loan would not be what I want.”- Nicklas Bendter said about his staying.

Arsenal’s manager Wenger has shown interest in keep Bendter in the team. He believes that Nicklas has a bright future in the club. Bendter has been playing for the English club since 2004. He played his first match in 2005.

Football is the most popular game in England. I do not see any problem for Bendter staying in Arsenal, one of the top English football clubs.

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