Tuesday, December 25, 2007

India vs Australia 1st Test: Four Pace bowlers in the 1st Test?

India vs Australia 1st Test is coming closer. Only 1 day is left before the start of India vs Australia 1st Test. The first of the fourth match Test series will take on 26th December, 2007 with the Boxing Day. This five-day Test match is going to take place at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Melbourne is affectionately called MCG. MCG is one of the longest sporting venues in Australia. It holds the record of taking highest lighting tower in sporting venue. Now, fans of both teams are looking towards the MCG ahead of the first test match. It is much expected match and it is hoped to see more than 75,000 fans on stadium in the first day.

With huge excitement, India vs Australia 1st Test is going to start from tomorrow. This match has already become more because of many reasons. It is the 100th Test match for Sourav Ganguly. And perhaps it is the last Australia tour for Indian batting great Sachin Tendulkar. Gilly (Adam Gilchrist) will appear with pink color gloves.

Australian skipper Ricky Ponting is in a fix about their main squad ahead of the 1st Test. Australian skipper is taking more time to announce their XI squad. They will announce it Wednesday morning after checking the ground. It is depending to use four pace bowlers in the 1st Test. Brett Lee and Stuart Clark are two professional bowlers in Australia team. Shaun Tait and Mitchaell Johnson are likely to join the main squad. It is difficult to select anyone between them. Regular chainman spin bowler Brad Hogg is likely come back in the main squad. And Ricky Ponting is also likely to choose spinner as a fourth bowler. It is uncertain who will be included as an expert four bowler in Australia team. MCG is likely to favour for pacer. This has bouncy and wet field. And India is best to beat any spin bowling attack. No one team could use their spin attacking against Indian team. Even Shane Warne had no good experience in that team. So, Australian think-tank should leave spinner. Between Mitchaell Johnson and Shaun Tait anyone can be picked. Or the fight can be held between Mitchaell Johnson and Brad Hogg.

Shaun Tait has been selected as a 12th player. And he has just come back from injury. And first test of the four-match Test series is very important for Australia team as they need only 3 successive win to break the record of Steve Waugh.

However dear fans tomorrow you can see who has got chance as a fourth bowlers. So, wait until the match will start and keep watch on your TV.

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