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Australia vs India 1st Test: Live Updates

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Winning the first test by 337 runs at MCG, Australia takes lead 1-0 in the test series. However, India still has chance to come back in the series as three more tests they have ahead of them. Now, let us see if India can bounce back in the series. Dear readers, we are covering the Australia vs India test series extensively. So, you can read the articles on Australia vs India test series in this blog.

After 74 Overs: India is 161 all out. India lost the first test match by 337 runs as Rudra Pratap Singh got bowled out off Mitchell Johnson.

After 70.3 Overs: India is 157/9 India lost three wickets in the last four bowls. What is going on there. Harbhajan Singh fell even without facing any ball. Now, Sourav Ganguly has gone back to the pavilion being caught by Ponting off Zaheer Khan.

After 70 Overs: India is 157/7 Anil Kumble has got out being caught behind off Johnson. Sourav Ganguly is now batting on 40

After 64 Overs: India is 144/6 Australia's victory is now a matter of fact. Dhoni feel for 11 being caught behind off Johnson.

After 62 Overs: India is 135/5 Ganguly and Dhoni are now trying to make a good partnership. The two batsmen should give more focus on holding on the wicket. Australia now needs to break this pair in order to ensure their easy victory in the first test match of the series.

The second session of the 4th day of Australia vs India 1st test has ended just now. So, dear readers, we will come back after play resumes. You can go through the articles on Australia vs India test series in this blog.

After 61 Overs: India is 134/5 Sourav Ganguly is batting on 36 and Mahendra Singh Dhoni on 1 run. India lost three crucial wickets this session. So, it has been a successful session for Australia.

After 56.2 Overs: India is 125/5 Yuvraj Singh failed again being lbw off Brad Hogg for 5 runs. Ganguly-Dhoni pair is the last specialist batting pair of India.

After 53.4 Overs: India is 118/4 Laxman has back to the pavilion being made a catch of Michael Clarke off Stuart Clark for 42. Gagnuly is now batting on 26. Australia needs six more Indian wickets to win the match.

After 37 Overs: India is 60/2 Dravid got out at for 16 being lbw off Symonds. VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar are batting on 25 and 2 respectively. Brett Lee and Andrew Symonds are now in the attack of Australian bowling. Indian batsmen are playing defensively. They are trying to save the match.

After 25 Overs: India is 32/1 Australian pacers keep the pressure on Indian batsmen. Dravid and Laxman are not given enough chance to play shot. Johnson is taking maiden and maiden. Dravid is batting on 12 runs and Laxman on 3 runs.

After 20 Overs: India is 27/1 VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid are trying to build a partnership. Laxman could not yet get off the mark, while Dravid is batting on 10. Clark and Johnson are bowling now.

After 17 Overs: India is 26/1 Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman is now batting. Wasim Jaffer has gone back to the pavilion being caught behind off Brett Lee

The third day of the first test has finished. Australia keeps the pressure on India putting on a good total in their second innings. Australia scored 351/7 dec. and set a huge target of 499 for India to win this test. India batted 8 overs today putting on 6 runs in the scoreboard without losing any wicket.

Australia started the day with 32/0 today in the morning. The opening pair was broken when Hayden fall three short of half century leaving Australia 83 for 1. However, his opening partner Phil Jaques completed half century but got out immediately after reaching his fifty. Ricky Ponting went back to the pavilion after scoring just 3 runs. This is only the fourth instance Ricky Ponting got out before reaching his double figure in both the innings of a test match. Hussey, Clarke and Symonds did not repeat the mistake of the first innings. Hussey scored 36 before going back to the pavilion being the victim of Rudra Pratap Singh. Michael Clarke scored highest 73 runs and got out after tea break being deceived by Kumble resulting in stumping. Andrew Symonds played a quick knock 44 off 52 hitting two six’s and four boundaries. Gilchrist played an innings of 35 but failed to carry on. At the end, Brad Hogg and Brett Lee were not out at 34 and 12 respectively.

Among the Indian bowlers, Harbhajan Singh was most successful with talking three wickets. Anil Kumble claimed two important wickets of Phil Jaques and Michael Clarke. Zaheer Khan and Rudra Pratap Singh picked up one wicket each.

Australia wanted to pick up one or two wickets of Indian innings today so that their task would become easier tomorrow. However, Wasim Jaffer and Rahul Dravid played with sheer confidence. So, at the end of the day, India was 6/0 with Jaffer being not out 2 and Dravid not out 3. India will have an advantage tomorrow morning as Australia will not be able to take new ball. So, it will be easier for Indian batsmen to face the Australian pacers.

The Third day of Australia vs India has been finished.

India 2nd Innings:
After 8 Overs:
India is 6/0. Jaffer is batting on 2 and Dravid on 3.

After 4 Overs: India is 6/0 Jaffer and Dravid are playing with sheer confidence as India needs to keep their wickets today. Lee and Johnson are now bowling now.

After 1 Over: India is 2/0 Wasim Jaffer and Rahul Dravid has come to open the innings. Brett Lee bowled the first over.

Australia 351/7 dec. in their second innings. India needs 499 runs to win this match.

After 88 Overs: Australia is 351/7 Australia has declared their second innings throwing a target of 499 to India. Hogg scored 34 runs not out and Lee was batting on 12. Harbhajan Singh took the highest three wickets for India.

After 85 Overs: Australia is 339/7 Australian batsmen are batting aggressively. Now, Hogg is now batting on 22 and Lee on 11. India is attacking with two spinners from two ends.

After 81 Overs: Australis is 316/7 Gilchrist fell to Harbhajan Singh for 35 runs. This is the third wicket for Harbhajan Singh being the most successful bowler of India so far in Australia's 2nd innings.

After 77 Overs: Australia is 301/6 Australian batsmen are trying to score quickly. May be they want India to bat from tomorrow morning setting up a huge target for India.

After 74 Overs: Australia is 291/6 Clarke got out being stumped at 73. Hogg has come to join Gilchrist. Kumble took the wicket. However, Australia has already got 438 runs to challenge India. So, Australia is still in control.

After 70 Overs: Australis is 270/5 Clarke is now batting on 66 and going towards three figure. Gilchrist batting on 7. Rudra Pratap Singh and Harbhajan Singh are bowling for India.

After 64 Overs: Australia is 248/5 India started well the third session with Zaheer Khan taking a maiden. Now, Australia will try to increase the lead as much as possible. India needs to pick couple of wickets to keep pressure on Australia.

We will be back after play resumes. Till then, enjoy the articles on Australia vs India test series in this blog.

After 63 Overs: Australia is 248/5 Australia is now ahead of India by 395 runs with five wickets still left. Clark batting on 52 runs and Gilchrist on 1 run. India picked up 3 wickets conceding 113 runs in this sessions.

After 61.5 Overs: Australia is 243/5 Australia lost another wicket as Andrew Symonds fell to Zaheer Khan at 44 runs. Michael Clark is batting on 49 now.

After 60 Overs: Australia is 228/4 Australia takes the lead to 375 run. Clarke and Symonds are not giving any chance to the Indian bowlers. Clarke is now just five runs away from half century. Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh are now bowling for India.

After 55 Overs: Australia is 206/4 Andrew Symonds is not in attacking mode in scoring. Clarke is going steadily. Kumble and Zaheer Khan is bowling now. Symonds is playing on 20 and Clarke is on 38

After 51 Overs: Australia is 181/4 Indian bowlers are trying to take wickets but Clarke and Symonds are keep on scoring to increase the lead. Kumble and RP Singh are bowling now.

After 45.1 Overs: Australia is 161/4 Rudra Pratap Singh took the wicket of Hussey. He was made to the catch of Sachin Tendulkar in the first slip. Hussey scored 36

After 45 Overs: Australia is 161/3 Hussey is batting on 36 and Clarke is on 16. Anil Kumble and Rudra Pratap Singh are now in attack.

After 38.2 overs: Australia is 139/3 Jaques fell to Anil Kumble giving a return catch to the bowler after completing half century. It is a crucial break through for India. Michael Clarke has come to the wicket. Australia needs a good partnership whereas India needs some more wickets before the pair set in the wicket.

After 38 Overs: Australia is 137/2 India needs more wickets at this stage. Australian batsmen are going well with the match. They are going to throw a big target for India to chase. Zaheer Khan has bowled the first over after lunch.

Lunch is going on at MCG at this moment. So, readers we will be back to take you through the second session of the third day. Till then, you can go though the articles on Australia vs India test series in this blog.

After 37 Overs: Australia is 135/2 Jaques is just a run away from half century and Hussey is 29 not out. With this over, the first session of the day has finished. India got two quick wickets but Australia still holds the control of the match. Australia takes the lead to 281 with eight wickets left.

After 33 Overs: Australia is 120/2 Jaques is batting on 44 and Hussey on 20. The two batsmen are trying to build a good partnership. Indian needs wickets to keep Australia's second innings within a reach. Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh are still continuing.

After 30 Overs: Australia is 111/2 Opener Jaques is batting on 41 and Hussey on 14. Australia is now ahead of India by 258 runs with eight wickets at hand in the third day. Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh are now bowling for India.

After 29 Overs: Australia is 109/2 Jaques and Hussey are playing Indian spinners well and increase the lead.

After 20.2 Overs: Australia is 89/2 Harbhajan Singh hit again and this time Ricky Ponting is the victim. Ponting was made a easy first slip catch of Rahul Dravid at 3. Hussey came into the crease.

After 19 Overs: Australia is 83/1 Australia has lost their first wicket as Harbhajan Singh has picked up Mathew Hayden at 47. Ricky Ponting has joined Jaques in the crease.

After 17 Overs: Australia is 64/0 Hayden and Jaques are comfortably playing the Indian bowlers. Harbhajan Singh came to attack replacing Rudra Pratap Singh.

After 13 Overs: Australia is 51/0 Two openers are playing well. Zaheer Khan and Rudra Pratap Singh are in the attack.

Dear Readers, Welcome back here in this Sports News blog. You will get regular updates of the third day of Australia vs India 1st test in this entry.

Australia is now in control in Australia vs India 1st test. After the end of the second day at MCG, India is clearly on the back foot. India had a good chance to put on an imposing total in their first innings after their bowlers restricted Australia within 343 runs. However, India’s star seeded batting line up broke down as their first innings stopeed at 196 runs. Highest 62 runs came from Sachin Tendulkar. Sourav Ganguly looked impressive in his 43 run innings but failed to carry on the innings. Stuart Clark and Brett Lee took four wickets each whereas Brad Hogg claimed two wickets. Indian middle order looked fragile today with Yuvraj Singh and Dhoni got out without scoring any run.

In the second innings, Australian batsmen started off well with some solid strokes came from both the openers. At the end of the day, Australia is now 32 without losing any wickets. Australia is now 179 runs ahead of the visiting side.

The second day has finished.
After 8 Overs:
Australia is 32/0 Phil Jaques is batting on 10 and Hayden is on 22. So, Australia is 179 runs ahead of India with all wickets intact in the second innings. It seems that Australia is going to throw a big total for India to chase.

After 6 Overs: Australia is 24/0 Australian openers are playing aggressively. It shows that the wicket is well enough to put on a good total that Indian batsmen failed to do.

After 3 Overs:
Australia is 5/o Mathew Hayden and Phil Jaques are now batting. Zaheer and Rudra Pratap Singh have opened bowling for Australia. India needs to pick up early wickets whereas Australia will try to pile on a big total to set a big target for India

India 196 All out in their first innings

After 71.5 Overs: Australia picked up the wicket of Zaheer Khan. Both Brett Lee and Stuart Clark took four wickets each. So, Australia has 147 run lead in the first innings.

After 66 Overs: India is 173/7 Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh are now in the crease.

60.1 Overs: India is 166/7 Ganguly fall just seven short of his fifty. Ganguly got played on off Brad Hogg. With this wicket, India lost their last specialist batsman. Now, tale enders are in the crease to take the challenge.

After 55 Overs: India is 147/6 Ganguly and Kumble are trying to recover the innings. Ganguly needs to lead India from the front. Hogg and Stuart Clark are continuing.

After 49 Overs: India is 124/6 Dhoni has also gone back without scoring. Stuart Clark is the hero of Australia today picking up 4 top order Indian wickets. Now, Ganguly and Kumble are batting in the crease.

Another session has finished with the falling of Yuvraj Singh's wicket. India is now struggling. We will come back with the final session of the day. Till then, be with us and go though the articles of Australia vs India 1st test in this blow:

After 47.4 Overs: India is 122/5 Clark struck again and this time Yuvraj Singh is the victim. A disappointing start for Yuvraj Singh in Australia. Now, 343 looks huge for India. Another session has gone.

After 45.1 Overs: India is 120/4 Another important wicket for Australian. Sachin Tendulkar got played on off Stuart Clark at 62. The 65 run partnership recovered well for the next Indian batsmen. Now, it is Ganguly-Yuvraj pair needs to show their best at this crucial stage.

After 42 Overs: India is 113/3 Sachin Tendulkar has completed his half century. He is now batting at 56 off 68 balls. Ganguly is batting on 18. This pair is recovering the early loses of Indian innings. Clark and Hogg are bowling for Australia now.

After 37 Overs: India is 80/3 Sachin Tendulkar looks really impressive at this moment with giving no room to the Australian bowlers to dominate. Sourav Ganguly is trying to set in the wicket pretty successfully. Mitchell Johnson and Brad Hogg are now in the attack. Sachin is batting on 31 and Ganguly on 12

After 31 Overs: India is 63/3 India lost VVS Laxman's wicket this over. A superb delivery from Brett Lee that has brought a big wicket for Australia. Now, it is to say, India is in real trouble. Sourav Ganguly has come into the crease to join Sachin Tendulkar. A lot will depend on this pair.

After 28 Overs: India is 42/2 VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar are now trying their best to recover the early setback of the innings. However, Australian bowlers still hold the control of the match. Start Clark and Brett Lee are bowling at this moment.

After 23 Overs: India is 34/2 Sachin Tendulkar came in after Dravid's departure. Now, a good partnership is badly needed for India at this stage. Brett Lee came to bowl in his second spell. VVS Laxman is batting on 21 and Tendulkar is on 3.

It is now Lunch at MCG. We will come back soon. Till then, go through the articles on Australia vs India test series in this blog.

After 21.4 Overs: India is 31/2 India lost their second wicket as Dravid has gone back to the pavilion at 5 being lbw off Stuart Clark. VVS Laxman looks confident now. It is now lunch going on at MCG. So, Australian bowlers started off well taking two early wickets of Indian innings. Indian batsmen need to settle in the wicket to chase Australia's 343.

After 15 Overs: India is 18/1 The two batsmen are trying to set in the wicket. Dravid finally opened his mark. Andrew Symonds came in as the first bowling change of Australia replacing Brett Lee. Stuart Clark has also been brought on from opposite end. India needs to build up a good partnership to give a solid platform for the next batsmen to come in.

After 9.1 Overs: India is 6/1 India has lost their first wicket as Wasim Jaffer fell to Brett Lee at 4. Adam Gilchrist took it successfully behind the wicket. Rahul Dravid could not yet score any runs facing 25 balls. VVS Laxman is batting on 2

After 4 Overs: India is 2/0 Brett Lee and Mitchell Johnson are bowling with brilliant line and length. Indian batsmen are trying to settle down in the wicket

After 1 Over: India is 2/0 Wasim Jaffer and Rahul Dravid came to open the innings for India.

Australia 343 all out in their first innings.

Suart Clark fell to Zaheer Khan at 21. Harbhajan Singh took the catch.

After 92 Overs: Australia is 343/9 Zaheer Khan and Rudra Pratap Singh are bowling now to take out the last wicket of Australia

The second day of Australia vs India 1st Test is now going on. Here, you will get the live updates of the scores with elaborate description of the actions at regular intervals. So, being with us and enjoy the live score and updates of the match.

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