Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sreesanth tempted Harbhajan to slap him

There is a common proverb that “it takes two hands to clap”. You can ask me what is the relation between this proverb and the recently happened incident on the cricket field between Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth.

Harbhajan was the only responsible for this incident? Had Sreesanth any guilty to make him anger?

Now, latest news has been revealed by the match between Kings XI Punjab and the Mumbai Indians Amiesh Saheba umpire. The Ahmedabad-based umpire castigated Sreesanth for his “schoolboy” behavior during the Mohali match. Saheba said that Sreesanth was sledging Mumbai Indians batsmen right from the start.

Aleem Dar and Amiesh Saheba was umpire in this match. Both of them warned him twice and they also concerned Kings XI Punjab captain Yuvraj Singh.

We know the remaining story of this most talked incident. Harbhajan Singh slapped Sreesanth and was banned for 11 matches in the IPL T20 tournament.

No, doubt Sreesanth himself also responsible for this repulsive incidents. He tempted Harbhajan to do this. So, not only Harbhajan but also Sreesanth will also get punishment.

What will be his punishment?

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