Friday, May 2, 2008

Darren Lehmann ambitious to be coach

The 38 year old Australian former player and newly appointed Australian Cricketers Association President Darren Lehmann expect and believe that the second season of IPL would be “bigger and better” in next April and May.
Now, this veteran player had replaced with South African captain Graeme Smith in the first two games of Rajasthan Royals in the cricket extravaganza.
Now, the first season of IPL is going now and after 12 months the second season will start again. He also suggested expanding international quota in the playing XI of IPL teams. Now, his getting chance to work with young Indian players has made Lehmann ambitious to coach.
But Cricket Australian Chief executive James Sutherland is against Lahmann. He has questioned about the long-term prospect of the IPL and its impact on the game.
He said, “It's nice to pay the players well and get big money from television rights and sponsorships, but ultimately you've got to provide a return for the owners or in this case the franchises”.
Let us see who will win in this contest Sutherland or IPL?

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