Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indian Premier League (IPL): Who will play in the semi-final?

The much viewed multimillion dollar domestic Indian Premier League has become successful to spread its climax and thrill to its fans in its inaugural season. It is now the way of end. Forty-eight matches have already played and now more 11 matches are left. The first round will finish with the match between Kings XI Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals. on 28th May this year. Then top four teams will be able to play in the semi-final round. After that, two best teams will face in the final round. However, IPL semi-final schedule is still unrevealed. So, cricket fans are eagerly waiting to know the best four teams in the semi-final round. Top three teams name is quite sure but we can see a fight between number four and five position teams who are fighting hard to get their semi-final ticket. No doubt, people will enjoy this fight between Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians and keep watching to see who will get the semi-final ticket at the end.
I know most of you are excited to know the top three teams’ name who have already made sure their place in the semi-final. These are Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings. May be we can see some unbelievable achievement in the inaugural session of IPL.
Rajasthan Royals is taking the top position in the point table after showing their impressive performance. Captain cum Coach Shane Warne led his team in the right way. Rajasthan Royals is the first team who took the first position in the semi-final round. We also can see Rajasthan Royals as the lowest biding team in the IPL owned by the Emerging Media coast of $67 million. However, without any form super star; they have spread their shine than others. Domestic players have become run hunger and getting score consistently and that is the secret of their success. The power is Shane Warne who gives his players courage that helps them to bring out their best and play well under huge pressure. They got 9 wins in their 11 matches with 18 points. However, their two defeats cam against Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils. If they can continue their success then no one can protect them to become the IPL T20 champion team in the inaugural season.
Is cricket sports or entertainment? No doubt, the additions of the new format of cricket game Twenty20 make it entertainment because of cheer girls, loud music and band party on the play ground. So, teenagers go to the field to enjoy dance and music than sports. However, the additions of Bollywood super stars and business man make it more attraction to their fans. Now, it is a profitable business. One of the top Bollywood actresses Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia have become the co-owner of Kings XI Punjab with the coast of $76 million. The batting sensation and hard hitter Yuvraj Singh is leading this team with glory and pride. Depending on his captaincy, Kings XI Punjab is taking the second position in the point table with 16 points. However, their eight glorious victories in 11 matches set them as the second team in the semi-final round. They are the most possible team to be the inaugural IPL T20 champion. If you are fan of Preity Zinta then you should want to see them in the final round and claim the diamond-studded trophy as the champion team in its inaugural season.
The most sensational and highest biding player MS Dhoni is leading the Chennai Super Kings. He is the most attractive players to his fans. And most of you also know that under his captaincy, India won the first Twenty20 world cup 2007 in South Africa. He again proves his captaincy skill set his team in the third position with 14 points. So, fans of MS Dhoni can hope to see this again. MS Dhoni is now in superb form. And most of the players of his team are also playing well. If they can continue their form then MS Dhoni will write his name as the inaugural IPL T20 champion captain.
However, fans are passionately waiting to see who will be number four team in the semi-final round. Both Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils are fighting hard for this position. Mumbai Indians has come back in the competition with 6 wins after four consecutive defeats. Captain Sachin Tendulkar has come back from his groin injury. His appearance in his team gives new life and show the hope to make place in the semi-final round. On the other hand, Delhi Daredevils can not make any resist any protest against opponents’ team. Delhi Daredevils is one point ahead than Mumbai. In this contest, Mumbai Indians has possibility to go ahead as they have more three matches left where as Delhi has only one match against Delhi Daredevils. So, in my point of view I am quite sure that Mumbai Indians will be the lucky number four and that is really miracle in the inaugural IPL.
I know most of the fans are disappeared because of your favorite team’s defeat and unable to reach in the second round. Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders started their tournament with joy. This is bad luck they could not continue their performance. Being a troop of super stars, they failed to do well and unable to make place in the semi-final. Another highest biding team Bangalore Royal Challengers failed to make any thrill and climax. Their super stars like Jacque Kallis, Mark Boucher, Anil Kumble and Misbah-ul-Haq turn down their team. Their way of playing seems to us that they had no responsibility.
The most important news is that the semi-final round is going to start on 30th May at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Nothing is impossible as the game is cricket. Anything can change. But I think Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI Punjab, Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians will fight in the semi-final. So, wait for semi-final match until it will be held on the field.
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