Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indian Premier League (IPL): Racial abuse in Indian cricket

The inaugural Indian Twenty20 Premier League match has spread another climax after they stopped performing two black British performers on the stage. They are 22 year old Ellesha Newton and 25 year old Sherinne Anderson who were racially abused by Indian organsier because they are black and people don’t want to see dark people. Both were in tears until their manager spoke to the organizers that they are allowed to join the other dancers.
However, promoting the multimillionaire Indian Premier League, cheerleaders were hired from different countries. This racial incident happened during the Kings XI Punjab opening match at Mohali.
BBC NEWS reported:

Speaking to BBC London 94.9FM Miss Newton, from Islington, north London, said:
"We were told by an organiser that we would not be allowed to perform because of
the colour of our skin.
"He used the n-word and said the crowds would not
appreciate us.

Racial abuse is the biggest problem all over the world. It is not clear what they mean with the use of word “n****”.
THE SUN reported:
It comes a year after Jade Goody sparked an international incident over comments
about Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother. Sherinne, of Hayes,
West London, said: “We were offended. This shouldn’t be happening – especially
after they made such a fuss over Big Brother.”

Indian people should remember the racial incident of Shilpa Shetty that took place in London. Was it revenge?
Several of Indian’s Twenty20 cricket teams have hired American and British cheerleaders, including a number of black African-American, but it is the allegation of racism. However, Indian cricket board takes it seriously and they accept the complaint.What will happen in the next? Can our young generation come out from racial abuse?

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