Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indian Premier League (IPL): Will it be landmark in cricket?

The retired great Australian former wicket-keeper 36 year old Adam Gilchrist is now a part of history in the international cricket but cricket fans still remember him for his aggressive big shot. For his aggressive playing, Ricky Ponting’s Australia team got world cup in 2007 and it was the third consecutive achievement for any captain. Now, this former wicket-keeper cum opening batsman is now continuing his career in the inaugural Indian Premier League. He was signed for Deccan Chargers in the inaugural IPL T20 tournament. However, his team is now taking the bottom place in the point table with point four in the 12 matches. He says that after 30 years it will be landmark of cricket. He also said when people look back; they would ay it was the most important thing to have happened in cricket. In his point of view cricket would be same in the future.
THE HINDU reported:

"Its a landmark time in cricket, I dont think cricket would be same again,"
Gilchrist told reporters here after his team Deccan Chargers lost to Kings XI
Punjab by six wickets in an exciting encounter.
"Thirty years later when
people take a look back, they would say it was the IPL that changed the
direction of cricket," he added.

No doubt, IPL changed the cricket largely. And it is sure that cricket game will be changed with the time. The question is that what type of cricket game we are going to see in the future. Will it be the shortest and newest than T20?

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