Friday, May 9, 2008

Cricket fans suffer from IPL T20 disease

I have found an article named “Shortest Games to Win Fans”. Shortest version of Twent20 cricket game has become successful to all ages people. Now, a new multimillion domestic league in India named ‘Indian Premier League’ now appearing to cricket fans all over the world with loud music and cheerleaders.

The Indian Premier League, which began its first season three weeks ago, has become the centre attraction for sports beloved fans. Because of Twenty20 format, other two types of game have lost their brightness. Twenty20 game takes only three hours total to be held in the field. During the period of break time, spectators enjoy hindi song and dance along with Bollywood movie. Cheerleaders become the main attraction when the match is going on the field.

This ICC approved IPL consist of eight teams based on eight cities around the India. Fifty-nice matches will be played in 44 days. It is the second ever city based cricket league after rebel ICL where foreign players is allowed to join and play. Bollywood stars also involved with them in this domestic league after owning a team.

IPL matches will be shown in different countries. Sony Entertainment and Singapore based sports agency has got the right to telecast all the matches for 10 years.

Willow TV provides live video of cricketing events on its website in North America.

Billionaire Stanford also offers ECB to make any IPL tournament in English version.

No doubt, whole world is suffering from T20 disease. And because of its more popularity other format of games falls under threat.

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