Saturday, January 5, 2008

Some Interesting Facts of English Football Last Year

Half of the season of English premier league has been finished with the end of 2007. The New Year has come and the teams have also started the second round of the season. The year was good for somebody as it was full of success, whereas some have gone through nightmares. Many things have been written on the both success and failures of 2007. Today, while going through the websites of football, I got an interesting article where write made two fantastic lists. The first list suggests some of the popular characters of English football to give up some of their habits in 2008. The other list shows what some players and teams need to do this year. reported:

…What some of the great and the good of English football should resolve TO GIVE UP in 2008:
JOEY BARTON – Finishing the evening with a McDonald’s. It may be some time before Joey enjoys another Happy Meal.

STEVE McCLAREN – Managing. Just take it easy on Barbados in one of your two villas, and give us all a break. Take the brolly with you as a parasol.

JOHN TERRY – Refereeing matches in which he’s playing (when he’s playing, that is). ….What some should resolve TO DO this year:



DERBY’S FANS – Dust off those road maps to the grounds of Championship clubs.

GARY MEGSON – Stick around.

The list is interesting and writer has pointed to some of the facts of English football last year. Now, let us see if everything goes well this year.

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