Saturday, January 5, 2008

Arsene Wenger Says, Liverpool Still in the Championship Race

With Lvierpool’s shocking draw against Wigan Athletic came as another setback for the side. They are now 13 points clear of league leader Arsenal. So, it seems that they are on their way out of the championship race. Many have already written off Liverpool having any chance left to win the title.

Well, they may have their personal opinion. Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, however, is reluctant to say that Liverpool is out of the race. With half the season left yet, Wenger has said that Liverpool is still in the championship race. However, he has also admitted that Liverpool can not have any blips anymore. So, it seems that Arsenal boss is careful about the fifth placed Liverpool.

Premier League reported:
"I wouldn't say it is completely (a three-horse race). I still feel Liverpool are in the race but they cannot have any blips anymore.
"They are still a dangerous team. The disadvantage for them is that there are three teams in front of them (Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea) who might not drop many points.
"I still don't dismiss them at this stage. It happened to us in 1997-98 and we made the ground up."

Actually, I also think the same about Liverpool. The winner of the Champions League 2005 has a talented side that has some quality players who can come back anytime this season. What is the problem for Liverpool is that they are very inconsistent in the league. When they are in their form they roar past the opposition teams projecting some big wins. However, they get down right after that match. So, if they want to come back, they can not afford any more slip up and should bounce back from the next match.

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