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NFL 2007 "Super Ad: Who Wants it More?" Contest

The playoff round of NFL 2007 is going on at this moment. Fans are eager to know the two teams going to face each other in this year’s Super Bowl. Player are trying their best in help his team to progress to the Super Bowl. Well, there is another event both players and fans are waiting for. This is the much-awaited TV commercial contest "Super Ad: Who Wants it More?"

Let me be first to make it clear to you all. "Super Ad: Who Wants it More?" is a contest in which the players of NFL are asked to submit their own story and the best story will be picked up by the votes of fans and a panel of judges and an television commercial based on that story will be aired during the half time of Super Bowl. This is the first time, players have been asked to give their stories to make the 60-second commercial. Last year, fans submitted their ideas; and the commercial was made based on the best story.

In NFL 2007 Superad competition, 240 players from different teams have submitted their own stories for the competition. You may think that the players always think about their games and are not capable of producing good stories for a commercial. Well, if you think this way then you are wrong in your prediction.

US Today reported:

Out of the NFL's 1,800 current players, 240, or 13.3%, volunteered to pitch their idea to film crews in recent months, says Lisa Baird, the NFL's vice president of marketing.

Baird was surprised at how savvy the players are about advertising and their own personal brands — and how eager they were to share their football stories during the most-watched television event of the year.

"They're pretty astute about what's good advertising and what's not going to work," she says.

So, those who are thinking that this year’s Superad will not be that much interesting, it is my request to wait and just see. Out of 240 entries, 48 will be selected for final competition and the stories will be divided in to several groups and will follow similar format of NFL regular season and play off. reported:

The pitches will be posted on and 48 of them will be eligible for voting. The selected pitches will be grouped by division and fans will vote for one of six players from each division during the regular season voting round, between Nov. and Dec. 26. Videos from the AFC North, AFC West, NFC North and NFC West will be eligible for voting Nov. 29 - Dec. 12. Videos from the AFC East, AFC South, NFC East and NFC South will be eligible for voting Dec. 13 - Dec. 26. The remaining videos will be posted on in the Video Sidelines section.

The "Super Ad: Who Wants It More?" playoff round begins Dec. 27. The contenders will be narrowed down from 48 to eight, with each division represented by one story. In addition, one video from the Video Sidelines section will be included in the playoff round as the wildcard. Fans will vote for their favorite out of the nine finalists over an eleven-day period.

Voting period for play off round will start from December 27 and will continue till January 6, 2008. The contest is getting huge response from the NFL fans as it has received 235,000 votes so far. Filmmaker and famous director of television commercials, Joe Pytka, will direct the commercial based on the winning story. The commercial will be telecast on Fox Sports during the half time of Super Bowl XLII. You can give your vote to:

The Super Bowl halftime is a much-attracted commercial sport for the companies. It is also very expensive as the competition has over 90 million viewers. A 30-second spot for a commercial was US$2.5 on an average in 2006. It has been increase to US$ 2.6 in 2007. So, you can understand how much lucrative a commercial can be during Super Bowl halftime. Now, let us see if "Super Ad: Who Wants it More?" can present with an interesting commercial during Super Bowl XLII.

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Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo!!! I won! I will be at the game in Section 120.

I wonder how many votes there were? I only voted once.