Monday, January 7, 2008

San Diego Chargers Enters into the Divisional Round

San Diego Chargers has progressed to the divisional round after projecting a 17-6 victory over Tennessee Titans. However, the match was not that much easy for Chargers as they faced a strong defensive Titans on Sunday. With this wild card round victory, San Diego Chargers has been able to reach their long-cherished divisional round. Coach Norv Turner came in a crucial stage to take over the charge from Marty Schottenheimer, who failed to bring a wild card success for San Diego Chargers.

ESPN reported:

Even as he did just that Sunday, with his Chargers beating the Titans, 17-6, in the final wild-card game of the weekend, the doubters were there. San Diego fans booed him, just as they had at different points of the regular season. Some made their preference known for Schottenheimer.

The negative environment was certainly evident at halftime, as the Chargers trotted off the field trailing 6-0. The blame for the lack of offense -- San Diego had just six yards rushing in the half -- was directed at Turner, considered one of the league's most creative play-callers.

It shows that how much difficult the victory was for Chargers. Actually, their back was on the wall and they had to recover from a 0-6 down at half time. Titan coach Jeff Fisher came up with some tricks in the placement of the players in the field which went well for the Titans in the first half. San Diego Chargers started to dominate from the beginning of the second half and Titans were not as impressive in the second half as they were in the first half. So, Chargers won the match with 17-6 score line. Now, Norv Turner has to focus on the divisional round match away at Indianapolis Colts.

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