Saturday, January 12, 2008

Manchester United vs Newcastle United: Live Score and Live Updates

(Man U-5/Newcastle-0)
Dear fans Man U vs Newcastle match has just started now.

Second-half has just finished. Man U got a big win against Newcastle. Christiano Ronaldo made his hat-trick goal against this team.
91 Minutes:
Tevez make another score in injury time.
90 Minutes:
two minutes extra time has been added as an injury time.
88 Minutes: Ronaldo full filed his hat-trick. He made an amazing score.
85 Minutes: Ferdinand make another score for Man U. Rooney gave the pass to Ferdinand.
83 Minutes: Newcastle got another chance but at last it was fruitful.
80 Minutes: Only 10 minutes are left to finish the second half. It is quite sure that Man U is going to win. Then anything can happen anytime. Newcastle is seeking a miracle win.
79 Minutes: Rooney took another attempt but goalkeeper save it with talent.
77 Minutes: Newcastle player make foul to ronaldo.
75 Minutes: Newcastle is figing for a score.
73 Minutes: Another attack against Newcastle but defender save it and didn't give any chance to Man U striker to make more score.
71 Minutes: Three pass equal a good finish. Rooney pass the ball to Tevez. Tevez gave it to Ronaldo and Ronaldo make his 2nd score in this match and 21st Score in league.
68 Minutes: Throw in for Newcastle.
66 Minutes:
Man U coach has replace Simpson with Evra.
63 Minutes:
another attempt for Man U. Rooney head the flying ball but it missed the target.
62 Minutes: Man U has changed their playing style. Now, they are playing in defensive mood.
60 Minutes: Newcastle is trying hard to fight back in the match.
58 Minutes: It was strong attack but Man U defenders save it.
57 Minutes: Newcastle is in attack.
54 Minutes: Newcastle Goalkeeper kick the ball but it hit the defender then Giggs gave it pass to Tevez and Tevez push it to net and increase the score.
53 Minutes: Throw in against Newcastle.
50 Minutes: Ronaldo make a score for Man U. It was his 20th goal in Premier league.
48: 50 Minutes:
Free-kick for Man U. Ronaldo take the free-kick chance.
46: 48 Minutes: first corner-kick in the second-half for Man U.
Second-half has just started now. So, come back for getting live updates.
First-half has just finished. No one team could make any score. Man U got many chances but they could not use these. Second-half will start after 10 minutes.
47 Minutes:
Two minutes extra time has finish. Both teams are goalless.
46:45 Minutes: Wane Rooney make foul and got yellow card.
45 Minutes: Two minutes extra times has added as injury time.
42 Minutes: No result in the corner-kick.
41:30 Minutes: Ronaldo kick the ball but again Newcastle goalkeeper protest it with his talent. Now, coarner-kick against Newcastle.
40 Minutes: only five minutes are left to finish the first-half. Both teams are goalless.
38 Minutes: another foul for Man U. Ronaldo appealed for free-kick. But referee didn't take his appeal.
36 Minutes: What's wrong with Man U strikers? Why they can't make any score? Just now, Ronaldo missed another chance to make score.
34 Minutes: Tavez took a long shot but goalkeeper caught it.
32 Minutes: Man U made any attack against Newcastle but they could not use it properly.
30 Minutes: Wrong-pass suffered Man U most.
28 Minutes: Ronado tried to make a strong attack against Newcastle. But Newcastle defender make foul in the D box. Ronaldo appealed for penalty but no referee didn't give anything.
26:47 Minutes: Bad luck for Man U. Shea head the ball but it missed the aim. Now, goal kick for Newcastle.
25 Minutes: another attack against Newcastle. Ronaldo gave the ball to Tavez. Tavez kick the ball but it went out side the line.
23 Minutes: Another attack against Newcastle but Newcastle defender spoil the attack.
22 Minutes:
Throw in for Newcastle.
21 Minutes: Tavez head the ball but it missed the goal post.
20 Minutes: Wrong pass disappointed Man U fans.
18 Minutes: Ronaldo gave a pass to Tavez but Newcastle defender got it and clear the ball.
17:30 Minutes: goal kick for Newcastle.
15:30 Minutes:
Two corner-kick against Newcastle within two minutes.
13:30 Minutes: Tavez give the pass to Wane Rooney. It was second chance for Rooney. He took a long shot from D box but again failed. Goalkeeper saved this goal.
10:30 Minutes:
Newcastle got an easy chance but Man U defender save it. Now, throw in against Man U.
8:40 Minutes:
goal-kick for Man U.
7 Minutes:
No one team could make any strong attack.
5 Minutes:
Wane Rooney, Tavez and Ronaldo are playing for Man U.
3:45 Minutes:
Throw in for Man U.
2 Minutes:
Wane Rooney got a chance to make score. He took a shot from D box but ball went threw over the goal post.
Manchester United vs Newcastle Premier League will kick-off today at Old Trafford. This match will start at 1715 GMT time. This match will be telecast on STAR Sports. This is the most important match for both teams to go ahead. Now, Manchester United is the most popular team and they have more possibility to get win. But anything can happen in the football game. So, keep watching the match or if you unable to see the match live on TV then stay with me where you will get live updates after every three minutes.

Manchester United: Van der Sar, Kuszczak, O'Shea, Simpson, Ferdinand, Pique, Vidic, Evra, Fletcher, Nani, Park, Ronaldo, Anderson, Carrick, Hargreaves, Giggs, Rooney, Saha, Tevez.

Newcastle: Given, Harper, Carr, N'Zogbia, Enrique, Rozehnal, Cacapa, Taylor, Edgar, Butt, Milner, Emre, Duff, LuaLua, Smith, Viduka, Owen, Martins, Carroll.

So, dear fans come back when match will start.

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