Saturday, January 12, 2008

Harbhajan Singh's appeal will be announced before ODI series?

Sydney Test cricket should be memorable to all cricket fans because of horrendous umpiring and Harbhajan Singh, who was banned for three Tests by ICC referee Mike Procter, allegedly racial abuse Andrew Symonds for calling him a ‘big monkey’.

That is why, BCCI threatened to pull out of the tour of Australia unless Harbhajan three Tests ban will exonerate.

ICC chief Malcolm Speed removed Steve Bucknor for the next Australia vs India Test match and replaced New Zealander Billy Bowden and cleared Harbhajan’s play pending his appeal.

However, BCCI wants ICC will hear off-spinner Harbhajan Singh’s appeal against a ban for alleged racial abuse before one-day series in Australia which will start on 3rd February. The ICC has appointed New Zealand judge John Hansen as appeal commissioner but has not yet set a date for the hearing.

Rules stipulate that the appeal should be heard within a week of the commissioner being appointed, although it can be extended if needed.

ICC chief told that they need more time for hearing the appeal. But BCCI hopes to get a hearing before the one-day series which will start with Sri Lanka

This incident took place in the second Australia vs India Test at Sydney when Harbhajan was batting along with Sachin Tendulkar.

Indian board called a meeting where some senior players Sachin, Sourav, skipper Anil Kumble and accused Harbhajan was present. They denied against the appeal. ICC referee Mike Procter found him guilty.

However, it is said that ICC have bowed to pressure of Indian cricket bored. There is also heard that ICC removed umpire Steve Bucknor demand of Indian cricket board. But Sharad Power denied it.

Now, Harbhajan Singh’s luck hangs on the hearing. If the hearing comes against to him then he will be abandoned for three Tests or it is proved false then what will happen to Australian all rounder Andrew Symonds.

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