Saturday, January 5, 2008

Aston Villa vs Manchester United: FA Cup Live Score and Live Updates

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Aston Villa (0) - Manchester United (2)

The match has finished.

89 Minutes: Rooney scored the seond goal for Manchester United.

88 Minutes; manchester United almost scored second goal.

85 Minutes: Aston Villa is trying to equalize.

80 MInutes: Ronaldo has scored Man Utd.

79 Minutes: A good attack from Man U. Ronaldo passed a ball to Rooney and Rooney's shot was just high.

77 Minutes: Corner for Aston Villa but well cleared by Rooney.

75 Minutes: Malenov came for Aston Villa. Just 15 minutes left.

72 Minuites: Fantastic run by Aston Villa but the shot of Young was just wide.

70: Rooney has come in the field for Manchester United.

68 MInutes: NO team is domianting at the moment. Thrown in for Villa.

65 Minutes: Freekick for Aston Villa.

62 Minutes: Corner for Man Utd but the head was too high and wide.

59 MInutes: Aston Villa is trying to score a goal and they have kept the ball in Man Utd half for nearly 2 minutes.

55 Minutes: Good attack and counter atack from the both side in space of one minute.,

52 MInutes: Lovely run from Ronaldo. Second half is now more exciting then the first half.

49: GOod attack from Aston Villa but lack of qualiyt finsih.

47 Minites: First attack of secnd half from Manchester United.

Second half has just started. So, stay with us for live updates.

COme after few minutes for second half action.

45 MInutes: First half is finished. Both the teams played ok. I was not happy wtih the match as it did not have enough actions.

44 Minutes: The easiest chance of the match missed by Ryan Giggs. He could not score a goal despite having an open net.

41 Minutes; Just 4 minutes before first half finishing and still goalless.

38 MInutes: SOme scary moment for Manchester United defense.

36 Minutes: Freekick for Manchester United. Ronaldo ha a quiet time today.

33 MInutes: Lovely attack from Aston Villa and a corner.

31 MInutes: Corner for Aston Villa.

28 Minutes: Corner for Manchester United.

26 Minutes: Manchester United is now playing better.

23 Minutes: Freekick for Manchester United and good head but wide.

20 Minutes: Lovely run from Ryan Giggs.

18 Minutes: Another attack from Aston Villa.

15 Minutes: two attacks in two minutes from Aston Villa.

13 Minutes: Aston Villa has a throw in.

10 Minutes: Aston Villa is tryi8ng to score a goal.

7 Minutes: Manchester United has more ball possesion at the moment.

5 MInutes: Great run from Anderson (Manchester United) but Aston Villa goalkeeper saved it.

4 Minutes: Manchester United attacked but Aston Villa defense was upto the mark.

2 Minutes: Good attack from Aston Villa.
0 Minutes: the match has started. So, be with us for live updates.

The match will start within 2-3 minutes. So, don’t go anywhere.

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The match between Aston Villa and Manchester United will start at 11:15 PM. We will hopefully give live score and live updates of the match. So, come back at 11:15 PM for live score and live updates of Aston Villa vs Manchester United. In the meantime, read some other entries of this blog.

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