Saturday, January 5, 2008

Liverpool Rejects Luton to Donate the Gate Money of the Third Round FA Cup Match

Liverpool is going to play Luton Town in the third round match in FA Cup. Luton club is now going through a financial constraint and they have asked for help from Liverpool to donate its gate money to be earned from the match. However, Liverpool has turned the offer down. Luton players have not been paid fully in the last nine weeks as the league one club is undergoing a financial problem. That is why, Luton wanted Liverpool to donate a handsome amount for the club.

Times Online reported:

Luton are losing about £400,000 a month and went into administration in November. Their players have been paid only 2½ weeks’ wages in the past nine weeks. The club’s joint-administrator, Brendan Guilfoyle, asked the Barclays Premier League club if they were willing to forgo a share of the revenue from the tie, but was rebuffed.

“They probably said, ‘We have to pay players £100,000 a week. You must be joking, otherwise we will be like you,’ ” Kevin Blackwell, the Luton manager, said. “You just have to accept it. There are people in life who have got a Rolls-Royce while some people have a Mini. We are Mini drivers.”

Luton Town manager Kevin Blackwell is also donating his wages for the club. From the television broadcasting of the upcoming match, both Liverpool and Luton will get £150,000 each. Moreover, an additional £100,000 will also go to the accounts of both clubs. So, if Liverpool agreed to donate then Luton could get £ 250,000 from this match.

Well, this is not the responsibility of Liverpool to solve the financial problem of Luton Town. Rather, it is the responsibility of management of the club. However, they can ask the major premier league clubs to play a few friendly matches and make some cash in. The major premier league clubs can also help Luton Town out in this way. However, it may not possible for a club to donate the money earned from a match totally as they have lots of expenditure as well. Now, let us hope Luton will come out from their financial problem very soon.

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