Wednesday, January 2, 2008

All About Shandi Sullivan

If you follow the news of U.S. Showbiz world regularly then Shandi Sullivan may not unknown to you. She is now one of the top models of U.S. and has done many modeling jobs so far. Considering her past years, it seems like a story that she is now one of the popular models in the country. Well, things were not so easy for Shandi Sullivan to rise to stardom. She started her career as a Walgreens Pharmacy clerk. However, she left the job with a view to becoming a model. Actually, it was enough illogical for a girl dreaming to be a model, without having any training or background of modeling. However, she had the will power to go for her dream and she set out to make her dream come true.

Shandi Sullivan first came into lime light through her audition in the America's Next Top Model Cycle 2 where she showed her talent and skill to become a top model becoming one of the three finalists. As I mentioned earlier, she has no training of modeling, it was really very tough to survive in the competition. However, she started to prove gradually and impress the judges.

Buddytv reported:

As a Finalist on the second season of the show, Shandi’s warm and kind personality gained the approval of not just her fellow finalists, but the viewers as well. She started off as one of the weakest models in the bunch, but gradually worked her way up to the Top 3. Her popularity intensified when she passed out due to her low blood sugar level during the third week.

Born on April 2, 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri, this blonde model has immense beauty to impress everyone. With a svelte physique and height of 5 feet and 10 inches, Shandi Sullivan has everything to flourish in the showbiz world. What is more, it is her personality that made every way possible for her to go up in modeling.

Celebrity Rightpundits reported:

For a biography, Shandi was born April 2nd, 1982 as a midwestern girl in Kansas, Missouri. She weighs only 115 pounds which is too small for her height and she has slim measurements at 32-24-34. She is 5′10″ tall.

Not Beyond Controversy

Well, it goes with the celebrities. It is natural for a celebrity to create controversy. Shandi Sullivan is not different either. During her photo shoot in Milan, she made it headline after involving in a sexual intercourse with an Italian boy. However, she later apologized to her boy friend Eric, but they failed to keep their relationship. To many the incident did not go well with her as the judges of America's Next Top Model Cycle 2 considered it negatively.

Experience Festival reported:

Ever since that incident, the judges believed Sullivan lost focus on winning, thus giving both House and Scelba-Shorte an opportunity to fight for the title of America's Next Top Model. Sullivan sacrificed herself being on the show to being with Eric and her parents back in Missouri. As of the "Return to the Runway" episode which aired during the fourth cycle Shandi and Eric had decided to break up but remain friends after a year.

Report has it that she was also involved in a burglary which happened in 2000. However, she denied the allegation:

According to the website, The Smoking Gun, she stole a fax machine, a small safe, and $650 USD in cash during the evening hours, long after the store had closed for the day. Sullivan was later arrested in May 2001, but was eventually placed on two years probation after pleading to the heist.

However, despite all odds, she has made a successful career in modeling. Shandi Sullivan has already signed with the Trump Modeling Agency. Among the works, the underwater posing for QueƩnch magazine and her exotic posing with fellow model Yoanna House have received good response. Though she has created some controversies and been criticized, she still has enough potential left in her to flourish in the coming days. Shandi Sullivan has a long career ahead of her and if she can focus on modeling without creating any more controversies then she will obviously become one of the top most celebrity of the country.

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