Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Official Google Blog: This year of Google blogging

Official Google Blog: This year of Google blogging

Google has done a lot of things in 2007. The year was a busy one for the company and Google offered a lot of new services in the year. You can find all the information in this regard in the above link.

I am just concerned about one thing. This is a new blog and we try to give extensive coverage on sports- especially on soccer/football. We had very healthy traffic from Google in the first three weeks and then all of a sudden the traffic from Google is gone. I hope that it is a temporary situation. I just wish that in 2008, we have more knowledge about this matter. I saw this trend in a number of blogs in 2007. Well, all of them got back their Google traffic and I am hopeful that the same thing will happen to this blog within a short time too.

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Arun Maythil said...

Blogs are revolutionizing the way ideas are shared without limitations of space, time and geography. Googles endeavors in this area is encouraging and leaders like MSN, Google, Yahoo etc are taking the "blog world" by storm. WAY TO GO!