Monday, December 31, 2007

Sports Blog Review: Six and Out

There are many blogs on cricket and most of them are from South Asia. Most of the bloggers are male too. I feel that the blog Six and Out is a breakaway from this tradition. Six and Out is one of the blogs of b5media blog network. You know that b5media is one the top blog networks in Internet and it based in Canada. So, Canada is perhaps one of the last places to look for a blog on cricket. Then, the editor of Six and Out is Dinsa Sachan. You also cannot find too many blogs on cricket managed by a female blogger/editor.

The address:

This is the address of Six and Out. If you have any idea about cricket then you should know that the two things that entertain the fans most are over boundary (six) and wicket (out). By browsing through the archive, I could find that the blog started on March 31, 2006. There was an another editor at that time.

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The Editor: Dinsa Sachan

Dinsa Sachan is the current editor of Six and Out and she is a great fan of cricket. In the blog, it is written about her:

She played and watched cricket religiously as a young girl (she’s still young, though, if you were curious), much to the onlookers’ amazement. A girl playing cricket (with boys, no less) was unheard of. She bowled fervently (right-arm fast) but fielded disastrously. You could compare her batting with Freddie’s — not classic, but handy at critical times. In a male avatar, she would be playing pro-cricket — and probably competing with Brett Lee (since Shoaib Akhtar, ya know, is out of the game) unofficially for the position of the world’s fastest bowler.

What I liked and Didn’t

There are a number of things that I liked about Six and Out. First of all, the blog has a huge achieve and if you are a cricket fan then you can spend a lot of time going through the old entries. Then, I also liked the way Dinsa Sachan. She has the ability to present cricket to the readers who have hardly any idea about the game. She also tries to thank people who put comments in the blog. I could see some entries from guest bloggers.

The only thing that I felt missing in Six and Out was that it does not have enough information about the on going cricketing events. For example, I could hardly find anything on Indian Cricket League (ICL).

Last words: Six and Out is a good blog and I think that it will emerge as one of the most read cricket blogs within a short time.

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Uncle J rod said...

Glad to see Dinnie getting some recognition, one of the few cricket blogs i read.