Monday, December 31, 2007

Sports Blog Review: Soccerlens

Football is a global sport and you will find at least some die hard football fans, if not football mad, almost allover the world and I am also one of them. Nevertheless, it is also true that European football is much more highlighted in the world media. So, today before going through some football related websites and blogs, I had a mind set that all of the football related sites would be based on Europe. Well, my hypothesis is almost correct though not hundred percent as I found Soccerlens.

Soccerlens is one of the highest rated football related blogs according to alexa ranking. Ahmed Bilal from Pakistan started this blog on 19 April 2006. During this time, the blog has grown up and now this is perhaps one of the leading football related blogs in the world. Well, this is not the point that impressed me about this blog. What makes me happy is that the blog updates many times in a day. So, the blog is full of information about football and it seems to be a great place for the football crazy fans to go though. The blog has about 2000 entries so far about various aspects of football.

The Address of the blog:

Besides a vast achieves, the blog offers discussion forums regarding different current issues of world football, especially European club football. Some selected guest bloggersfrom different countries also contribute for the blogs along with half a dozen of regular writers. Thus, you can get opinion from people of different countries on a particular issue. If you are interested then you can also apply for becoming a guest blogger of this blog. The blog has some informative articles like 2007/2008 premiership kits.

However, something that I felt missing in this site is that the blog mainly covers European football leagues and it does not cover the news of Asian footballs or that of other continents. As the blog has a quality team of writers, it can covers news of other continental football as well. In the home page, the blog includes pictures along with each of the articles. This is undoubtedly a good thing to follow. However, for a person with low speed internet, it becomes very hard to enter into the blog because of so many pictures in the front page. The picture can be given in the subsequent pages of the article.

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