Friday, December 28, 2007

Roy Keane Says, Manchester United has the Chance to Win Premier League Title

Former captain of Manchester Untied, Roy Keane is now the manager of Sunderland. Now, Roy Keane has recently experienced a humiliating defeat of Sunderland to Manchester Untied at home. Keane has been full of praise for Manchester Untied saying that they have the chance to win the title. To him, the combination Manchester United has is what needed to win the title. He has also lauded their attacking and defense line up. Regarding Sunderland’s defeat, this former Ireland international has well backed his side saying that they have lost to a very good team. Keane also said that it is a harsh lesson for his team.

Sunderland has promoted to the English premier league this season. Now, half way the season, Sunderland is facing relegation threat being the second bottom team in the point table. Yes, it is true that they still have half the season left ahead of them. They can bounce back under the direction of Roy Keane. Now, let us see if Roy Keane can lead Sunderland to survive in the premier league next season.

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