Tuesday, December 25, 2007

‘Real Madrid’s Victory over Barcelona is a Great Team Effort,’ Says Julio Baptista

Real Madrid has got a superb victory over Barcelona on Sunday. With Julio Baptista scoring the only goal of the match at 36th minute, Real Madrid could move up to 7 point lead in the league point table with 41 points from 17 matches. Naturally, Julio Baptista is now in a flying mode. Terming it one of the most important goals of his life, Baptista has said that he will never be able to forget it.

However, he did not forget to give credit to his team mates for this remarkable victory. Real Madrid has very few successes at the Camp Nou stadium of Barcelona. So, their recent victory has been a crucial one for Real Madrid. Baptista has also said that the victory was a great team effort.

Actually, both Real Madrid and Barcelona got some easy chances that their players missed to convert. The only difference is that Real Madrid could execute a chance successfully whereas Barcelona failed to score any throughout the match. It is obvious that with this victory, Real Madrid is now in a good position in the league point table. What is more, the confidence level of Real Madrid has also been boost up. Now, let us see if Real Madrid can continue their superb performance in the upcoming matches.

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