Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Barcelona Players Confident to Bounce Back After the Shocking Defeat to Real Madrid

You already know that Barcelona has suffered a 0-1 defeat to their arch rival Real Madrid on Sunday. Naturally, the defeat at their home ground came as a shock to Barcelona. Midfielder Xavi Alonso has said that a draw would have been much fairer result of this match. He has the logic behind it as well. To him, neither Real Madrid nor Barcelona played that much well in the match. Both sides missed some easy chances because of poor execution ability. However, Julio Baptista scored for Madrid at the 36th minute that led Real Madrid to win the match.

Now, Xavi thinks that there is still plenty left to play for. Barcelona goal keeper Victor Valdes also said that they have to look forward as there is still a long way in the season. Midfielder Andres Iniesta thinks that seven point deficit is recoverable. Iniesta insists on starting the New Year in a different way.

It is true that Barcelona and Real Madrid both missed lots of chances that indicate both the teams were not in their prime form. However, Real Madrid looked more determined and organized, while Barcelona looked playing without any plan.

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