Sunday, December 16, 2007

Liverpool vs Manchester United: Live Score and Updates

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Liverpool (0)—Manchester United (1)

Full Time: The match has finished and Manchested United has won the match by 1-0.
85 Minutes: Another miss from Jerad and just 5 minutes left.
80 MInutes: Liverpool has a corner. Just 10 miutes of normal time now.
78 Minutes: Runee just missed an easy opportunity for Man Utd. Lucky for Liverpool.
76 Minutes: Babel shot a ball just wide. bad luck for Liverppol.
70 Minutes: Only 20 minutes to hang on for Manchester United. Liverpool is playing very well but is lacking quality finish.
60 Minutes: Just Liverpool attack for the last 5 minutes. This way, Liverpool may get an equaliser. So, dont lose heart yet if you are a Liverpool fan.
55 M inutes: Excellent cross from Kewl but Gerad could not do the best out of it.
53 MInutes: Kewl is playing well for LIverpool but Liverpool is not fhinding the finishing touch from anyone.
50 MInutes: LIverpool is trying to come back to the game. Still Man Utd is leading.
First half finished. Second half will start soon.
45 MInutes: 3 minutes of added time.
42 Minutes: Karolz Teves scores for Manchester United. Manchester United 1- Liverpool 0
35 Minutes: The match is goalless

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