Sunday, December 16, 2007

Arsenal vs Chelsea: Live Score and Updates

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Arsenal (1)--- Chelsea (o)

Arsenal has won the match 1-0

94 Minutes: The final minute.

92 Minutes: Freekick for Chelsea outside of Arsenal penalty area and a quality save from Arsenal goalkeeper.

5 minutes of stoppage time to be played.

90 Minutes: End of normal time. Shevchenko missed a chance and headed the ball to Arsenal goalkeeper.

89 Minutes: Very bad luck for Arsenal. Fabregas almost scored. Chelsea goalkeeper managed two good stops in 3 seconds.

88 minutes: Chelsea players are now trying hard to equalize.

85 Minutes: Arsenal almost scored the second goal but was declared off side.

83 Minutes: Obi Mikel of Chelsea shown yellow card.

80 Minutes: A free kick for Arsenal but nothing happened. 10 minutes reminaing of the match.

77 Minutes: A very bad miss from Arsenal’s Van Persie. Bad luck for Arsenal.

75 Minutes: Wright Phillips missed the easiest chance for Chelsea. He found the goalkeeper alone but cound not score.

74 Minutes: Ben Haim of Chelsea shown yellow card.

71 Minutes; Superb shot from Van Persie but saved by Chelsea goalkeeper.

70 Minutes: Van Parsie comes in place of Abouo of Arsenal.

67 Minutes: Yellow card shown to Joe Cole of Chelsea.

66 Minutes: Freekick for Chelsea but cleared by Arsenal defense.

63 Minutes: Yellow card shown to Toure of Arsenal.

60 Minutes: Another attack from Chelsea. Now Chelsea is dominating. A great save from Arsenal goalkeeper.

57 Minutes; Corner for Chelsea but lack of quality finish.

55 Minutes: Great move from Arsenal but Fabregas was blocked and again another attack.

53 Minutes: At this moment, Arsenal is the better team. Arsenal had 3 attacks in the last 5 minutes.

50 Minutes: Arsenal is trying to get a second goal.

Come back after few minutes for second half action.

First half finished and Arsenal is leading 1-0

45 Minutes: Arsenal scored through Gallas. It was a superb corner and even better head by Gallas. Arsenal is leading by 1-0.

44 Minutes: The match is still goalless.

38 Minutes: Substituion for Chelsea. Jhon Terry comes off the ground.

35 Minutes: Eboue of Arsenal shown yellow card.

33 Minutes: Shevchenko threatened and earned a corner.

30 MInutes: Yellow card for Lampard and John Terry of Chelsea. A freeekick for Arsenal but nothing happened.

26 MInutes: Chelsea has a free kick just outside of the Arsenal penalty box.

25 Minutes: A freekick for Arsenal but badly taken.

20 MInutes: Both teams are now playing attacking football.

15 MInutes: Chelsea lost an opportunity but Arsenal is now surely the better side in the match.

10 MInutes: Arsenal has a corner. Arsenal playing so well today. The presence of Fabregas has inspired the team greatly.

1 Minutes: The match just started. So, come back regularly to get live updates in the 90 minutes. First attack of the match from Arsenal.

The players of the two sides are coming now in the field from the tunnel.

Just 5 minutes before the start of the match. It is cold and that is why you can expect to have attacking football today.

10 Minutes left for the start of the match. Comeback soon.

Good news for Arsenal fans. Cese Fabregas is back in the first eleven.

20 MInutes left.

Just 30 minutes left. So, come back very soon.

The match will start at 4 PM (GMT). So, come back that time for live updates of Arsenal vs Chelsea match. So, come back for the match.

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