Sunday, December 16, 2007

Arsenal vs Chelsea: Avram Grant Full of Praise of Arsene Wenger

Chelsea coach Avram Grant has recently addressed Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger as his good friend. Ahead of the upcoming Arsenal vs Chelsea match, now it seems go beyond unconventional way. Avram Grant seems to move opposite direction compared to Chelsea’s former coach Jose Mourinho.

Arsenal and Chelsea are going to face each other in a crucial EPL match within few hours. The match has already been a much talked one in EPL this season with two top table teams facing each other. However, Avram Grant has also said that he does not follow the coaching style of Wenger. Rather he follows his own way in coaching.

It is true that Avram Grant has been full of praise of Arsene Wenger ahead of the match against Chelsea. However, he must be happy to see his players outperform the players of Arsene Wenger today. So, you have no reason to think that Arsenal and Chelsea will show their friendliness at the Emirates stadium instead of throwing strong challenge to each other today.

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