Sunday, December 16, 2007

Arsenal vs Chelsea: Frank Lampard Gives the Credit to Arsenal for Brilliant Performance

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Ahead of the crucial match against Arsenal, Chelsea captain, midfielder Frank Lampard has recently been full of praise of the performance of Arsenal despite the fact that they are running without any big star in the club. England’s international footballer Lampard has given all the credit to Arsenal because of their consistent performance this season. However, he has also said that Arsenal has some good young players. To him, Arsenal’s young footballers have been unexpectedly well this season.

"Arsenal deserve all the credit they get because they've been playing fantastic football,”

“They've been a great team to watch and I think maybe the reason everyone has been so excited about it is they've caught teams unawares.

"Everyone knew they had good young players but no one expected them to play so consistently well and score so many goals. Probably one of our downfalls is that people have been expecting unbelievable things because we've been winning things for the last few years so they don't talk us up so much- he said.

It is obvious that after a bad start to this season, Chelsea has already recovered it and are still in the championship race. So, Frank Lampard must play for a win against Arsenal today. They are still three points behind Arsenal in the lead. Chelsea captain has also expressed that he will be happier if he can face Arsenal with their full strength indicating the injurious Arsenal players - Cesc Fabregas, Aliaksandr Hleb and Mathieu Flamini. So, you can now expect an exciting clash between these two tams today.

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