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Blackburn vs Arsenal Live Score

If you want to get the online live score and updates of the Chelsea vs Liverpool match then visit the link given below:

Carling Cup Chelsea vs Liverpool Live Score and Updates

Blackburn (2) vs Arsenal (3)

Arsenal has won the match 3-2.

31 MInutes: Now stopppage time being played. Arsenal is trying to hold on to grounds. Just 2 minutes elft

29 Minutes: Blackburn header off the post of Arsenal. SUrely fate is agaisnt Blackburn today.

28 Minutes: Blackburn missed anotehr easy chance. They have to blame only themseleves

26 MInutes: Eduardo comes off the field and Gibbs comes for Arsenal

24 Minutes: First attack for Arsenal in 5 Minutes but foiled by Blackburn defense

22 MInutes: The ball is continously in Arsenal half for last 4 minutes. It shows how much Blackburn is pushing now to score.

20 MInutes: Two corners in two minutes for Blackburn but the head was just above Arsenal post.

17 MInutes: Eduardo of Arsenal got yellow card and Blackburn had freekick from dangerous position and almost scorfed

ET 16 Minutes: Arsenal had a good attack but could not convert

Second half will start within 1 minute

First half of Extra time finished and Arsenal is leading by 3-2

2 Minutes of half time still left. Blackburn has a freekick but nothing happened.

5 Miunutes of added time in the first half of extra time because of one injury of a player

ET 14 Times: Edwardo scores the third goal for Arsenal. Arsenal now leads 3-2

13 Minutes: Two attacks from Blackburn in 2 Minutes

ET 10 Minutes: Change of player for Arsenal

ET 3 Minutes: Blackburn is pushing more now.

Extra Time has started

90 minutes playing finished. now extra time.

93 Minutes: Arsenal is now down to 10 men. Denilson shown red card

92 MInutes: The players of two clubs are in a fighting.

91 Minutes: Extra time looks most likely now

89 MInutes: Blackburn missed anotehr very easy chance. Santa Cruz is the vilain this time

85 Minues: Anotehr attack from Blacburn. Now Blakcburn looks favortie in the amtch.

83 MInutes: Heading for extra time?

79 Minutes: Blackburn attacked but offiside. Substituion for Blackburn.

77 MInutes: Steven Reid of Blackburn shown yellow card.

75 Minutes: Arsenal is attacking but Blackburn is playing better.

67 Minutes: Blackburn is trying for the third goal

59 Minutes: Blackburn scored second goal thanks to Santa Cruz again. Now score is 2-2

57 Minutes: Another attack from Blackburn and Blackburn is unlucky.

52 Minutes: Arsenal attacked.

47 MInutes: Blackburn is attacking now and almost scored the second goal.

First half finished. Arsenal is leading by 2-1

42 Minutes: Blackburn socred a goal and the score is now Arsenal 2-Blackburn 1. Santacruse is the scorer

37 Minutes: Blacburn is trying to score a goal but Arsenal defense is playing well.

33 Minutes: Blackbunr has a free kick from dangerous position. Good freekick but Arsenal goalkeeper caught it.

29 Mintes: Second goal of Arsenal from counter attack. Arsenal is leading by 2-0. Eduwardo is the scorer.

28 Minutes: Good attack from Blackburn but even better save from Arsenal goalkeeper. Blackburn got a corner.

26 Minutes: Free kick for Blackburn but Arsenal goalkeeper caught the ball easily.

24 MInutes: Denilson is playing very well for Arsenal. He is the playmaker for Arsenal today.

20 Minutes: A corner for Arsenal but nothing happened.

17 Minutes: Arsenal is leading by 1-0
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