Thursday, December 20, 2007

Carling Cup Chelsea vs Liverpool Live Score and Updates

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If you are interested to know the live score and updates of Chelsea vs Liverpool second leg semi final match of Champions League, then visit the following link:

Chelsea vs Liverpool: Live Score and Updates

Chelsea (2) vs Liverpool (0)

The match has finished and Chelsea has won 2-0

90 MInutes: Shevkeno scored and Chelsea is now leading 2-0

88 MInutes: ANother attack from Chelsea.

85 MInutes: Chelsea has a freekick. Sissoko of LIverpool shown yellow card

80 MInutes: just 10 minutes left. Can liverpool fight back?

78 MInutes: Good attack from Liverpool but very poor finishing

75 MInutes: Another shot from Chelsea player just wide.

71 Minutes: Chelsea is trying for the second goal

67 Minuets: Substitution for Chelsea. Michel goes and Ballack comes in the field.

65 Minutes: Excellent shot from Lampard for Chelsea but Liverpool goalkeeper saved it

62 Minutes: Liverpool got a free kick but poorly taken by Babel

59 minuets: Red card shown to Liverpool player Peter Crouchl. Liverpool is down to 10 men.

58 Minutes: Lampurd scored a top quality goal. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 0

56 Minutes: Good run from Lampurd but Kaloo could not convert.

54 Minutes: Good chance for Liverpool but Liverpool player shot the ball wide

52 Minutes: Good attack from Chelsea but the shot was very high.

50 Minutes: the match is still goalless

45 Minutes: First half has finished. COme back after 10 minutes for second half action.

43 minutes: The match is mainly limited now to midfield. NO corner or freekick for last few minutes to report.

40 Minutes: Just 5 minutes left. Lucas of Liverpool shown yellow card.

35 Minutes: Another corner for Chelsea

33 Minutes: Chelsea attacked again bt teh shot was too high.

29 Minute: Good attack from Chelsea a corner

26: Minutes: Lucas almsot scored a goal for liverpool. Top class save from Chelsea goalkeerper

24 Minutes: Lampard almsot scored a goal for Chelsea. Liverpool goalkeeper saved for a corner

23 Minutes: The match is not speedy but it is much fair. There is less action but less fowl.

17 MInutes: Chelsea has more ball possession.

14 Minutes: bad luck for Liverpool. Very good attack but bad finish.

11 Miutes: Chelsea is playing now. Chelsea has a corner now. Good save from Chelsea goalkeeper. The corner is poorly taken.

8 Minutes: Liverpool attacked but the shot was wide.

6 Minues: Chelsea got a freekick but very poorly taken.

3 MInutes: No team is dominating in the match so far.

0 Minute: The match has started.

The match weil start in 1-2 minutes. So, dont go anywehre. Just refresh the page after every 2-3 minutes.

The players are now enterting the field.

Just 10 minutes left.

Anotehr 30 Minutes left.

The match will start after 1 hour at 7:45 AM GMT. Come that time.

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