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10 Things About Ricky Hatton vs Floyd Mayweather Boxing match

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Ricky Hatton vs Floyd Mayweather upcoming boxing match is considered as a historic match in the history of boxing in the media. Both of them are still undefeated in their career. The winner of the match will take away the WBC welterweight title. Floyd Mayweather currently holds the title. Though Ricky Hatton admits that Floyd Mayweather is favorite ahead of the match, it is, for sure, that Mayweather is going to face a strong challenge from Ricky Hatton. Here, I am giving ten points that you should know about the Ricky Hatton vs Floyd Mayweather Boxing match.

  1. Ricky Hatton is going to face Floyd Mayweather on 8 December 2007 for the WBC welterweight title.
  2. Ricky Hatton is confident to win the match though he thinks that Floyd Mayweather is favorite in the match.
  3. Ricky Hatton is nicknamed “Hitman” that he adopted from wrestler Bret Hart.
  4. Ricky Hatton has won IBF and IBO Light Welterweight titles twice in his career. He also has WBU, WBA Light Welterweight title to his credit so far in his career.
  5. Floyd Mayweather has already won world boxing championships six times in five different weight classes so far in his career.
  6. Ricky Hatton has hundred percent winning streaks in his career so far. He has won all of the 43 matches he has played so far with 31 knockouts.
  7. Floyd Mayweather has not suffered any defeat in his career yet. In his 38 wins, 24 were knockouts.
  8. Billy Graham is the current trainer of Ricky Hatton.
  9. Floyd Mayweather came from a boxing family. His father Floyd Mayweather Sr and two of his Uncles Jeff Mayweather and Roger Mayweather were also famous popular boxers.
  10. Roger Mayweather is the current trainer of Floyd Mayweather.
  11. Ray Hatton’s girl friend Jennifer Dooley has quitted her college lecturer job in order to be in Las Vegas to support his boyfriend in the match against Floyd Mayweather.
  12. There is huge rush over ticket selling of the match. The ticket price of Ricky Hatton vs Floyd Mayweather match is also very high.
  13. Ricky Hatton vs Floyd Mayweather upcoming match is now thought to be one of the historic fights in the history of boxing.
  14. Both Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather are placed among the best pound for pound boxers according to Ring Magazine.
  15. Ahead of the match, Ricky Hatton has declared that he has never been so sure of a win in his career.
  16. Floyd Mayweather has won bronze medal in 1996 Atlanta Olympic in Featherweight category. However, Ricky Hatton does not have any Olympic title to his credit so far.
  17. Floyd Mayweather seems to be confident enough before he takes on Ricky Hatton as Floyd Mayweather has recently defeated another star boxer Oscar de la Hoya this year.
  18. Ricky Hatton also got an excellent victory over the former Lightweight World Champion José Luis Castillo this year.
  19. Floyd Mayweather is a year older than Ricky Hatton.
  20. Ricky Hatton is currently weighed 145lbs whereas his opposition Floyd Mayweather is weighed 147lbs.

I think, Ricky Hatton vs Floyd Mayweather match is now the center of all attention in the boxing world. All are expecting a great match between these two undefeated contestants. British people are eagerly waiting to see Ricky Hatton winner of the WBC welterweight title. In this match, either Ricky Hatton or Floyd Mayweather is going to suffer their first lose in their career as both of them are still undefeated in their career. So, you do not have to think twice that you should watch the match to experience one of the historic matches in the boxing world.

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