Sunday, December 9, 2007

Middlesbrough vs Arsenal EPL 2007-08: Live Updates

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Final score. Middlesbrough has defeater Arsenal by 2-1.

Middlesbrough 2- Arsenal (1)

94 MInutes: Arsenal pulled back one game. Really bad luck for Arsenal that the goal came at the fourth minute of added time.

85 minutes: Just 5 minutes + some added minutes for the best glory of the season for Middlesbrough.

79 Minutes: Arsenal has put some pressure but it is perhaps too little too late.

73: A great goal for Middlesbrough. They now lead 2-0.

72: ANoter miss from Middlesbrough.

71 Minutes: Arsenal is playing better now. Middlesbrough is just 20 minutes away from a historical win.

65 Minutes: Arsenal is trying to put some pressure at last.

61 Minutes: Double change for Arsenal. Arsenal is immense pressure for the first time in this season.

60 Minutes: Another miss from Middlesbrough. They are unlucky.

55 Minutes: First attack for Arsenal in 8 minutes. Middlesbrough is totally dominating the match.

52 MInutes: Clishy of Arsenal showed yellow card for a bad offense.

49 MInutes: What a miss by Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough is putting pressure.

47 Minutes: First attack from Arsenal in the second half but no result.

The second half will start within a few minutes. Come back to get the latest update.

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