Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Test Cricket or Twenty20: Which is the Real Stage for the Youngsters to Prove their Talent?

Doing well in every match is quite difficult in the newest form of T20 game. Indian former captain Sourav Ganguly has expressed his thought to say that T20 format game demands quick thinking and decision. Both Test and ODI game give more time to take any decision after deep thinking. In this way, T20 is different than other two old format of cricket game.

Sourav hopes to see youngsters performing in five-dayers and 50-over game and doesn’t count for T20 until they prove their caliber in other format of game. This veteran player shows that how franchisee owners are putting pressure on their players and officials whether Charu Charma stepping down as CEO of Bangalore Royal Challengers.

Where Cricket is full of uncertainty there T20 has no guarantee on performance in a daily basis. In cricket game, any day can be good or bad for you and pressure is part of game. Every player should have to play with pressure.

Sourav told that youngsters real test is five dayers, not T20.

Do you support his idea? Why youngsters give more priority in five-day Test?

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