Friday, April 11, 2008

Indian Premier League (IPL): Sachin Tendulkar opted against signing Andrew Symond or Ricky Ponting

Only seven days are left to start the DLF Indian Premier League (IPL). So, each team is busy to make their team with best players and Captain of each team try their best to get best players in their side. One of the eight teams is Mumbai Indians leading by batting sensation Sachin Tendulkar and some best Indian players. However, this veteran player opted against signing Andrew Symonds or Ricky Ponting to his Indian Premier League team. But NSW batsman Dominic Thornely has signed for Mumbai Indian. This batsman was contacted by a Mumbai manager last week at the request of Tendulkar.

After India’s acrimonious tour in Australia and selection of Harbhajan Singh in Mumbai Indian team, it was not predicted to see any Australian players bought by the franchise during the IPL auction in February.

However, Thornely has taken this opportunity as a change to prove his talent. This 29 year Albury born batsman has played 69 first class matches and 4390 runs with the best score of unbeaten 261.

Dominic Thornely had no experienced to play for Australia. And he is the only one Australian player in his team. No doubt, it should be hard task for him to continue his playing for Mumbai Indian and prove his batting skill against the best players.

The question is that why Tendulkar requested franchise to take him in his team. I don’t know the answer. Do you?
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