Friday, April 4, 2008

Indian Premier League (IPL): Prize money will be Rs 12 crore

Can you imagine twelve crore? It is huge amount of money. Only a small amount can change anyone’s life. This is the total amount of the prize money of Twenty20 DLF Indian Premier League (IPL). These huge amounts of money will be divided among all participation team. The top prize money is Rs 4.8 crore. The winning team of the inaugural DLF Indian Premier League will get this money. And the runners-up team will earn Rs 2.4 crore. The last position taken team will earn Rs 40 lakh.

If you are cricket fan and know a little bit about IPL then you should know that it is going to launch its inaugural Twenty20 DLF Indian Premier League on 18th April this year. Only 59 matches will be held over 44 days. Shah Rukh Khan's Kolkata Knight Riders and Vijay Mallya's Bangalore Royal Challengers will play in the opening day at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore.

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